aussies moving to london in 2011

10 Nov 2010 torz said

hey, <BR>just wondering if there are any other aussies out there that are planning on getting a working visa and moving to london in 2011 ??<BR><BR><img src="" alt="Smiler" width="15" height="15"><!--graemlin::)-->
  • 2 Mar 2011 Flash 9 said

    Flash 9

    Hey Stace,

    My tour ends on 21st of June so my plans so far are; possibley Glastonbury festival not 100% on this one (Somerset- England 23/27th June), Next Palio Di Siena (Tuscany, Italy 2nd July), – then Maybe catch some of The Tour De France which starts 3rd of July- Next and biggest Stop San Fermin (Pamplona – Spain July 6th – 14th), not sure after this I want to make both the Edinburgh Festival and La Tomatina which happen mid to late August. Oh and absolutely must attend Octoberfest :)

    Any others you can think of that should be added to the list?

  • 18 Mar 2011 Flash 9 said

    Flash 9

    Hey guys have been putting together a heap of info about Moving to the UK on my blog:

    Working Visas
    Tax Numbers
    Bank Accounts
    London transport
    Discount Cards

    Check it out:

  • 18 Mar 2011 Stace85 said


    Hey Flash,
    Glasto is apparently hard to get tix as its mostly ballot but i think they release a bunch of tix in april sometime i should probably look that up as i would love to go!! Oktoberfest is another i want to do but other than that i havent really had a good look?! although i did find that blink 182 is playing in london in july i think and i used to absolutely love them a million years ago so going to look into tix will go by myself if i have to!! (closet punk chick!!)
    checked out your blog – the countdown before you leave was really helpful a couple of things i hadnt thought of in regards to my bank and council etc!!

  • 19 Mar 2011 Earl Squirrelson said

    Earl Squirrelson

    hey flash, nice blog page mate. Im gonna do something similiar when im on the UE tour departing May 1, follow me on twitter if you like @daremetotravel. facebook is Earl Winston Squirrelson

  • 21 Mar 2011 Flash 9 said

    Flash 9

    Yeah I think your right on with Glastonbury they release left over tickets a couple of months before! Blink would be sick to see specially in London – I have a punk fringe so should fit right it :) ! No worries Ive just hit 6 weeks out so I am starting at the top of the list – cant believe how close its getting!

    Hey mate cheers for reply – you will be a week ahead of me on the UE tour so I will have to follow ya on twitter so you can let us know of the mad times ahead! You got any plans for after the tour? Heading straight back to London or continuing on for the summer?
    Will add you on fb tonight!

  • 21 Mar 2011 Earl Squirrelson said

    Earl Squirrelson

    Hey flash, yeh im away for at least 6 months so got a bit planned. not sure how often i will get to blog or update fb or twitter but add me and hopefully I will get time! u travelling afterwards?

  • 21 Mar 2011 Flash 9 said

    Flash 9

    Hey Jase,
    Yeah definitely continuing on after Contiki – going to be making my way slowly down to spain for san fermin and la tomatina but will check out some other festivals and sites along the way.
    Had a bit of contact with others doing the same thing so dont think will have trouble meeting people with the same ideas as us.

  • 24 Mar 2011 Kylie85 said


    Hey Guys
    Im moving to the UK in August Im doing the European Whril tour on the 22 August then Im going to travel till mid October do a few festivals then head back to London to live. Thinking about finding some admin temp work, I havent worked out living arrangements yet but very excited about it all.

    Im 25 from the Gold Coast and would like to meet some fellow Aussies over there :)

  • 25 Mar 2011 Nikki_1 said


    Hey there, i will be moving over to Uk in May doing a tour first then settling into work around September. I’m from Australia myself. Are you travelling by yourself? I’m looking to pick up work in anything i can really and planning on staying for atleast a year. When are you arriving??

  • 26 Mar 2011 Kylie85 said


    Hey Nikki
    My sister is traveling with me till end of October then she goes back to Aus, and I’m
    Staying over to live. I just booked my flights last night I arrive the 17th Aug. Where abouts in aus u from? R u traveling by yourself?

  • 27 Mar 2011 StaceR said


    Hey guys – wow lots of people who all seem to have similar plans! It awesome!
    Im 23 from Sydney. Heading over in late May on a one way ticket. Got my Youth Mobility Visa already – it came back so quickly, was stoked! Booked on the European Adventurer, leaving may 27th. Then going to San Fermin 4th-11th july i think it is – am doing this with busabout (6 day camping, opening week) – anyone else doing this option?

    Then will try and base myself somewhere and get some work. Have been in contact with some agencies already – Pulse, Reed and Your World are quite good if you’re in the health industry. They have basically said the market isn’t great for temp/locum jobs atm, but there is still jobs out there. The said it is good to be flexible, ie: willing to go anywhere in UK. I’d like to try London, but if I get a job elsewhere then may just have to take it depending on maoney situation! lol. Have no idea where in london are good areas to live but! Any ideas?

    Also wanna get to La Tomatina and Octoberfest :)

    As for bank accounts etc – have been looking at going thru company like 1st contact or Britbound – they help organise heaps for u and provide support for when ur over there. Packages only about 85 bucks or so. Whats everyone else looking at for this sort of stuff?

    Good luck with everything everyone!

  • 28 Mar 2011 Flash 9 said

    Flash 9

    Hey StaceR,
    After my Contiki I am also going to San Fermin but with The Fanatics tour group.
    Got a few other events and festivals lined up but the big ones are San Fermin and Palio Di Siena.

    Heres some info on bank accounts for you

    (personally I wouldnt pay a company to organise a bank account for you because all the company can possibley do is give you freely available info and book your appointment with bank)

  • 28 Mar 2011 Nikki_1 said


    Hi Kylie,

    I am from Byron Bay, what about yourself? i’m travelling with my boyfriend but we are pretty keen to make friends. What are your plans when you arrive? travelling first or settling straight into work?? How old are you?

  • 28 Mar 2011 KezzaD! said


    I Move to London in July and am doing The European Experience trip in August…, Im hoping to stay in London for at least 2 years…..Theres just soo much to see!!!

  • 2 Apr 2011 Lucy said


    Hey I’m moving to london in May..going on the expedition tour on May 11th and then back to london to try and find work..need to find a flat if anyone interested? i’m 22yr old female from Canty in New Zealand let me know if anyone is interested :)

  • 5 Apr 2011 Kylie85 said


    Hey Nikki
    I arrive 17th August and will be travelling till 22nd October then I will be settling in and finding work and a place to live. Im 25 from the Gold Coast you said u are from Byron so not far away at all.

  • 5 Apr 2011 Kylie85 said


    Hey Lucy

    Im travelling to London/Europe in August doing a tour first then travel till mid October then settle in London find work and a place to live. Im 25 from the Gold Coast, Australia. I will also be looking for people to live with, where u thinking off living? Any ideas on what you might do for work? Im hoping to find some admin temp work.

  • 5 Apr 2011 Lucy said


    Hey Kylie, same here I currently work in admin so will try and get into that as I hear its better pay or I will try and get anything like hospital kitchen work (did that part time at school and loved it) or bar work or nannying just what ever I can find. I will try for london first and if no luck head north or over to about u?

  • 6 Apr 2011 nej_182 said


    I have booked my one way ticket to london after halloween so just gunna get the UK visa for the 5 yrs.
    Planning on doin the whole live-in-pub traditional oz thing to do wen i get there to keep warm in the winter and once it warms up do tours throughout the year before settling for full-time work after the oktoberfest.
    I have put my name down for a 2012 olympic ticket for one, has anyone else done this? I dont wanna be a fool partying-on alone! :s

  • 6 Apr 2011 Kylie85 said


    Hey Lucy
    I will try London but I have heard it is very expensive for rent etc so might try for something just outside of London. Have u got relos in Holland? Are you doing any festivals? Im going to do Oktoberfest should be fun. Have u got people you are moving in with or are you just going to share with randoms?

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