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Getting from Heathrow to hotel

22 Apr 2007 caitypantz said

Heya,<BR><BR>I'm going on the June 21st Euro Horizon, and I'll be getting to Heathrow on the 21st at around 11am. I was originally planning on just taking the tube from Heathrow to the Royal National, but a few people have told me that it's a horrible idea...people are apparently pushy and rude, and it's confusing and difficult especially while carrying your luggage. I was hoping not to have to spend a ton of money on taking a taxi to the hotel. What do you guys think? What is the best way of getting to central london? Is there another way of getting there that I don't know about? Thanks in advance!
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  • 22 Apr 2007 junior37991 said


    If you’re arriving on the 21st of June at 11 am the same day your tour leaves arn’t you going to miss the bus?

    I would just take the tube anyway. Find out for yourself if people are pushy or not. It would be the most direct route. If you do a search on the site there is more information about which line to take etc.

  • 22 Apr 2007 megsalex112 said


    Hey there,
    If you are from Toronto (as your message indicates) your tour should include your Hotel Link transfer. I haev learned that this is likely a longer way of getting into the city but i figure its less work!
    Hope this helps,

  • 28 May 2007 Bec101 said


    Been reading your ideas,
    The tube is so the way to go! The Heathrow express is way to over priced and if you are going to Russel Square not in the right location anyway and you would have to get the tube from there.
    I have travelled on the tube with luggage heaps no probs. Even if you don’t get a seat its not that far.

  • 28 May 2007 Tara5 said


    Well, this may sound a bit silly to experienced travellers, but I actually paid an extra $30 Cdn to have someone meet me at the airport when I arrive and take me to the RN.

    If your concerned about it (as I was) maybe you should see if this option is available to you? It would be better than stressing about it…

  • 28 May 2007 Curtis71 said

    Originally posted by caitypantz:
    I was originally planning on just taking the tube from Heathrow to the Royal National, but a few people have told me that it’s a horrible idea…people are apparently pushy and rude, and it’s confusing and difficult especially while carrying your luggage.

    I took the tube and it was very easy and convenient. I experienced no rudeness anywhere in London and had no problem finding the hotel or Contiki Basement.

    Actually someone else on my flight was heading to the same place as me, though she upgraded to HotelLink. Just as she walked up HotelLink shuttle desk, I was in the elevator down to the Tube. I beat her to the Contiki Basement by about an hour.

  • 30 May 2007 gabrielle said


    im an aussie living in london at the moment, and in terms of transfers from heathrow (had to do it many times for family and friends) i also stayed at the royal national when i first got here, the best idea is to get a ‘funfare’ bus coach from heathrow from its how all the backpakers get around england, incrediably cheap, you have your bags stowed underneath for you, and you go straight to london victoria, which is a small tube ride/ cheaper taxi fare to russell sqaure, much more sense that heathrow express, which generally is a rip off, and can be a pain in the ass looking after your bags…
    and the bus station you want to catch it from is heathrow bus station (not the ’terminal 1.2.3,UNLESS your flying into terminal 4, and then catch the buss that goes from there)
    hope this helps!
    gabi m Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

  • 7 Jun 2007 kylie_showgirl said


    I seriously suggest getting the tube. Yes, people are ruse and pushy in peak hours when they are trying to get to work but other than that its great – fast, easy and cheap.

    The Picadilly Line (Blue) is right under Heathrow Airport and that is the line you need to get on to go to Russell Square – so you don’t even have to change which is another added bonus. And trains come every 2-3 minutes.

    You can get a tube map at

    Good luck!

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