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Day Bag - Recommendation

1 Apr 2009 Leanne_in_Ontario said

Hey Everyone!<BR><BR>I'll be doing the European Magic (11 days) in July and I was wondering what everyone recommends for a day bag? A lot of our cities are only visited for 1 day so I'm guessing I'll need to keep quite a bit in my bag for easy access.<BR><BR>I noticed some people use backpacks and some use shoulder bags (I'm probably more of a shoulder bag person). What would you recommend?<BR><BR>Thanks!
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  • 1 Apr 2009 MJ said


    For travel I love my pacsafe bags. I have a couple. They have some new ones that are much cuter and have all the safety features. Try or They are slash proof and have lots of safety features.

  • 2 Apr 2009 JeffersonNYSE said



    I’d personally recommend a back pack, a small one like a North Face Megamouth or something like that. The nice thing about those is they have a hydration system in them, a ton of little pouches and straps as well. Not to mention they’re more secure with all the zippered pouches, which are lockable too if you have a spare travel lock.

  • 2 Apr 2009 Browren said


    On my last trip I just used a small sholder day bag from MEC.…&bmUID=1238691219567 I found this really worked well for me. I was able to carry a small umbrella, camera, wallet, map, sunglasses, and other minor needs in this bag without any trouble. The abundance of little zipperd pockets kept me organized.

  • 9 Apr 2009 Danni said


    I also used a one shoulder bag, but one a little more fashionably (more of a handbag material) most people didnt use backpacks as you needed to keep locking and unlocking them. I found a lot of girls use to just large handbags and it was sufficient. Hope this helps. If you would prefer pics let me know and ill load them up…

  • 17 May 2009 marilourdes23 said


    Like Danni, I have a Pacsafe Citysafe 200 bag for the day. I also might take one that kinda looks like the Pacsafe slingsafe 100 (but not a pacsafe one). For dressy nights, I have a clutch type with wrist band.

  • 19 May 2009 Leanne_in_Ontario said


    Thanks, everyone for the advice and suggestions. Today I ordered the PacSafe MetroSafe 200. I was able to check one out in the store today and the size wasn’t overly huge but enough to toss in a few books or small souvenirs along with all my other stuff (cards, money, etc). The tamper-proof zippers, slash-proof stuff and headphone port was especially appealing!

    I’m also going to take a regular zip shoulder bag that I have for places like London and Paris. I just used a shoulder bag last time in those cities and had no trouble. For the bigger days and more ‘sketch’ cities (ha) I’ll use the PacSafe. I ordered the chocolate brown.

    Oh and for going out, I also have a Coach wristlet that I’ll use.

    PacSafe MetroSafe 200

  • 23 May 2009 CatherineOz said


    I took a pacsafe bag on my tour and it served me well. It can weigh down on your shoulder a bit of you put to much in it though, due to the wires in the strap.

  • 24 May 2009 said


    Main Luggage gets removed from the coach at every Hotel stop and you take it to your room, then back under the coach till the next hotel. The day bag is mostly just for what you will need throughout the day, mostly just a place for your Camera, a Jacket/Sweater and some space for some of the things you may pickup throughout the day(postcards/souvenirs)

    You really want to have as little luggage as possible, I would say anything more than the two pieces(Main suitcase and daybag) would be too much. You need to remember you will be dragging all your luggage from the Bus to your Room at every Hotel, and then back down again whenever you leave. Having 3 bags just makes that more difficult.

    For Day Bags I would suggest backpacks like the one JeffersonNYSE suggested, Messenger-bags, Large Purses but not much else. When you get to the Weekender sized bags it is just too much.

    Also I would just like to add that for the most part you dont really need a day bag. I used mine maybe 3-4 times over the whole trip, others always had their packs on, I just stuck my point-and-shoot in my pocket and that was good enough.

    However my trip over the summer I will be using a Messenger bag, mostly because I will be in Northern Europe and as I understand the weather is kinda like how it is here in Canada, in the sense that it can change in a moment.

  • 24 May 2009 Alexi85 said


    thanks for the info Chris : )

    I actually really wanted to get the packsafe Totesafe 100 bag but everyone keeps telling me to go for a backpack instead.

    i actually don’t like backpacks at all but if it’ll be more convenient then ill go for one of those.

    Is the Tote big enough to fit a jacket and phone, weallet camera etc?

    also will it end up hurting your shoulder after a long day?

  • 26 May 2009 Alexi85 said


    all good I decided on a small backpack from packsafe : )

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