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shoes in winter

29 Jul 2010 Tots said

Hi, just wondering whats the best shoes to take to europe in winter? is is worth going to buy expensive snow type shoes/boots or are normal everyday shoes/boots ok? any advice, girls?
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  • 3 Aug 2010 rosiecotton19 said


    I am curious about this, too! I have read it’s good to have waterproof, “high top” warm shoes. But . . . those sound ugly :-(. I’m wondering if it’s worth it to try to find some.

  • 7 Aug 2010 Erroneously said


    I went to Germany in winter 2 years ago with a German family, and was advised to buy boots once I got over there. It was a great idea because we spent a bit of time in little villages, doing walks in forests etc. where the snow’s all around so it meant my feet stayed warm and dry.

    My shoes cost about 50 euros to buy, so waiting was a great idea, but I’m an Aussie so depending where you live, you might be able to get good deals if winter gets pretty cold anyway.

  • 8 Aug 2010 danio said


    i went on the euro vista in january, and it was cooold! we had a lot of snow, so waterproof shoes were a must! i didn’t want to buy those ugly expensive snow boots, so i bought a pair of cute cheap rain boots and fleece rain boot liners, and they worked great! the fleece liners kept my feet warm.. i also took a pair of black boots made out of a waterproof material and used the liners with those as well, those also worked great for going out at night

  • 8 Aug 2010 Amy said


    I went on the Winter Wanderer almost two years ago and I bought a pair of waterproof hiking shoes (sneaker type, not boots). It was the best thing I ever did as my feet stayed nice and dry and warm in those places where the bus stopped that had snow covered ground, as well as on our walking tours. I got mine from Northface and have used them plenty of times since being back home. Although they were expensive, I think I have got my money’s worth. I know a number of people that got cold wet feet from the snow and ice and it affected their experience. They were less inclined to get off the bus or go exploring. I guess it depends on your budget, but I know that you can get waterproof spray that you can spray your shoes but not sure how effective it is. Enjoy your trip – your will have a great time. Wish I could do it all again!!

  • 9 Aug 2010 cdm115 said


    I wouldn’t bring snow boots unless you plan to play in the snow a lot. You’ll find sidewalks and stuff are generally cleared of snow. But a water proof shoe, like a hiking boot, is a good idea.

    I live in NY and the only time I wear my snow boots is to clean off my car and if we’re getting dumped on with snow and I have to go to work.

  • 13 Aug 2010 Donna said


    I went on the Winter Wanderer over last Christmas. I took waterproof breathable hiking boots – ankle high. They cost me AU$125, were not very sexy but were frickin awesome! Some others on our tour only had joggers and they got wet by snow and very very cold!

    I also packed sketchers for days in Spain and Nice, leather stiletto boots for nights out and thongs for the hotels. I am nuts for shoes, so getting down to 4 was a miracle but this combination never failed me!

    Hope this helps!

  • 14 Aug 2010 Lottie said


    I’m doing the winter wanderer next year (22nd Jan WOO) and already have my shoes planned (and no I’m not a scarily organised person I just thought I would take advantage of the winter sales whilst they were still on.. cheaper shoes)

    You def need waterproof shoes – wet canvas shoes are horrible! I also recommend boots because you can tuck in the hem of your jeans and they don’t wet!

    I am taking snow boots but I’m spending a couple of weeks in Scandinavia and think I will need them. Also I wore them nonstop on my last winter European tour and they were the most comfortable shoes in the world. But it is a very personal thing.

    I’m also taking a pair of everyday hiking boots (water proof) for cities that are warmer and for night I have a pair of leather ankle boots that I got a the DFO on sale.

    Can I also just say if anyone is a keen ice-skater buy skates in Europe – mine were 90Euro and I just sent them back.

  • 12 Sep 2010 Tots said


    hey lottie, im going on the 22 jan too Smiler<!--graemlin::)--> add me on facebook… tara-lea.burman

    thanks everyone for the advice Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

  • 17 Nov 2010 Melissa said


    Im going on the Winter Wanderer tour this year. I’m so pleased I have found this discussion – exactly what I needed to hear. I have a pair of water-proof walking shoes I wanted to take and a pair of boots which I wear to death in winter here in Oz. The only thing is, my boots are leather suede. I have water-proofed them but from what I’m hearing, its probably not a good idea to count on them :0( Where can I go here in Oz to get some water-proof walking shoes?

  • 17 Nov 2010 Lottie said


    you should be fine if they are waterproofed. But I would still take a waterproof pair anyway.

    any of the camping stores is where you get the proper hiking/walking shoes – Kathmandu have factory outlet store at the DFO in Berkin Head Point in Syd.

    also try myer and dj’s they might have some leather shoes that you could take.

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