uploading camera files

23 Jun 2009 aussie liz said

Hi there, Im just wondering, mainly for those of you who are already been to NZ...<BR><BR>I want to not take my laptop to NZ coz it would be a pain in the arse to carry around etc etc. So I will be taking my video camera and still camera and im just wondering if you guys had trouble with hostels letting you upload your memory cards onto a external hardrive thingy...<BR><BR>I got told today at JBhifi that some hostels and internet cafes wont let you do that in fear that you can transfer viruses etc..<BR><BR>I will be taking A LOT of footage naturally so I want to be able to wipe the cards free every so often..particularly after going to Milford Sound...<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>Liz



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