Jack the Ripper and Jim Morrison and The Globe Theater

8 Mar 2007 TinyAuGoddess said

I know that the topic is a bit. . .odd. but I am interested in doing a Jack the Ripper tour. Has anyone been on one and could give me some information? <A HREF="" TARGET=_blank></A> has a tour for 5 pounds if you're a student.<BR><BR> Also, My brother wants me to go to Jim Morrison's grave while in Paris. Does anyone know of an easy way to get to the cemetery.<BR><BR>And finally, What is an easy way to get to the Globe theater?<BR><BR><BR> thanks! <BR> Allie <img src="" alt="Smiler" width="15" height="15"><!--graemlin::)-->
  • 8 Mar 2007 ptooma said


    You might wanna try instead.
    If you do go on the JTR walks, look at the schedule and attend the one lead by Donald Rumblow. Good excercise … he takes you to all the places where the murders happened, and describes in quite graphic detail and charisma how they were executed. Describes the scenery and what witness saw. Where he met his victims intially. it’s a pretty good walking tour is is quite long. The crowd is huge … numbering 100+ when I did the walk.

    - Vic

  • 12 Mar 2007 *nikki_adelaide* said


    i saw a jack the ripper tour in a london brouchure. it goes for 3 and a half hours and is run fri-sun at 6.45pm and is 50-60 aussie dollars.



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