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Contiki Cough/getting sick on Tour

17 Apr 2008 NurseKara said

HI,<BR>I've heard that on most of the European tours the "Contiki Cough" spreads and nearly everyone gets sick. Does this happen on the North American tours especially the long ones? Just want to be prepared before I head off in June
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  • 19 Apr 2008 *Mellissa* said


    I did the LA to he Bay NOv 06 and our TM advised us about the “contiki cough” but no-one on my tour got sick. its really a mix of going out and partying and running yourself down. a few of us bought some multi-vitamins..
    so its really if you catch things easily or if you get run down and tired on how you will feel during or after your trip.

  • 20 Apr 2008 juana1010 said


    I got really sick at the end of the trip when I went to Europe (one girl on the bus started it), but when I did the California Highlights tour, I did not get sick at all, and I don’t remember anyone else on the couch getting sick. I think it depends on who you are on tour with – if one person gets sick and starts coughing on the bus, then they are going to spread it to everyone else.

  • 19 Jun 2008 zippy8282 said


    Hey there,

    I went on the Grand Canadian two years ago and pretty much everyone got really sick. One girl came home with pneumonia. It pretty much comes down to the luck of the draw. Basically its a lack of sleep that gets everyone, once you’re run down its easy to pick up the bugs. Hopefully you’ll get lucky and avoid all the nasties.

  • 19 Jun 2008 Princessvixen said


    I did a Europe tour a few years ago and got the contiki cough half way thru the tour but I shook it off in a few days and it certainly didn’t stop from doing anything. In ’06 I got the contiki cough right at the end of my American tour but when I still had 8 weeks of travelling left. It was a pain but once again I didn’t let it stop me!I always take vitamins a few weeks before travelling and contiki to do so while on the road.It might not stop you getting sick but it certainly will cut the thing short.

  • 19 Jun 2008 Rob said


    Ugh,,,,the dreaded contiki cough which made me violently ill, and nearly sent me to hospital on my last contiki!!

    They always say…if you ever get sick, don’t get sick in the United States. (As their health care is all privatized.) Make darn sure you get medical insurance, and know your boundaries/limits.


  • 19 Jun 2008 said


    I’d say about half my trip got colds or tonsillitis. It’s the constant lack of sleep combined with plenty of alcohol and lots of junk food. But its not the end of the world, you take some painkillers and soldier on! I had a headcold for a few days which was annoying but I took some cold and flu and I was fine. Until I fell through the ice and made it worse hahahaa.

  • 8 Jul 2008 miss_kayti said


    I did the Northern Escape and we had the Contiki cough. One guy got sick and the entire bus caught it. Except me, luckily.

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