first time traveling alone...and to Europe

13 Jul 2008 Nyclizzo said

I'm planning on going to the European Magic tour in late September (so I can be in Munich for Oktoberfest) and was supposed to go with two friends, who bailed on me last I'm going on ahead and going alone...
few questions...
1. Does the "group" usually hang out together and do the touristy stuff? (gondola ride, eiffel tower, etc...)
2. If I decided to break away and do my own thing, does Contiki provide you with maps (so I don't get lost) and is it safe for a girl to be walking around alone...I'm a born New Yorker and have my street smarts, but hello, I'm alone in Europe!

I'm just getting last mintue jitters, and I'm sure I'll be fine, but answers to those questions will definitly let my mind rest a bit Smiler Confused



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