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Europe 2011: Saving Tips

4 Nov 2010 EatPrayLove said

I'm going on a trip in late August 2011. Does anyone have any smart/sneaky tips for saving up my $$$?? I booked the Contrasts trip at the earlybird rate, I've done the whole moneybox thing, just need to get motivated!! Any help is much appreciated <img src="" alt="Big Grin" width="15" height="15"><!--graemlin::D-->
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  • 4 Nov 2010 RJ1817 said


    get a job?

  • 4 Nov 2010 EatPrayLove said


    um clearly thats already been taken care of, not sure how many unemployed people are able to travel on welfare benefits ?? I’m talking about saving up as much as possible, I’m sure some people out there have some tips to share.

  • 4 Nov 2010 Danielle said


    You’d be surprised how many of them can afford to go overseas – I work as an employment consultant for them and they are always taking off overseas lol…

    I’m heading to Europe in August too – ive set up and automatic savings account so each time i get paid the money goes into another account with diff bank that i dont have a card for – before i even see it…. it works for me Smiler<!--graemlin::)--> hope this helps.

  • 4 Nov 2010 Jason1010 said


    Take your paychecks, cut it in half. This is what you will live on until you vacay.

    The other half of your paycheck, well you know what that will go towards Wink<!--graemlin:;)-->

  • 4 Nov 2010 stinaWA said


    I used to be naughty and buy coffee from the cafe across the road, because instant coffee is gross.

    Simple tip, buy decent instant coffee. I get nescafe latte satchets. 8 coffees for the price of one.

    Little things can make a big difference.



  • 5 Nov 2010 _*michelle*_ said


    It all really depends on your individual situation. Have a look at what you are spending your money on.. are there little things you can cut out of your spending habits? Stuff like takeaway food, COFFEE, alcohol, spending money on clothes you dont really need but want can really add up. Before I went on my Contrasts tour I was really strict on how much I would save and I had a direct debit set up to come out of my pay each week which went directly into a savings account. It meant I only have about $150 to spend a week which was sometimes pretty tight after petrol and other living expenses but it was all worth it when I was able to go to Europe and do see and buy everything that I wanted to. And now that I know I can do it, I’m saving again so I can go on another trip ASAP!

  • 5 Nov 2010 LadyRainbow said


    Put your savings in a term deposit account, or set up a separate savings account specifically for your travel funds.

  • 6 Nov 2010 Explorer1147179 said


    Just wanted to add one thing in addition to what everyone else has written.

    In terms of motivation, spend maybe 30 minutes once every couple of days looking at where you’re going. Read about the places, sights you want to see, read these forums, find out what people have thought that have gone on this tour before, read travel blogs, read stories about people having gone to Europe before. Once you do it more and more you’ll really pump yourself up, and you might start seeing yourself saving more and more for your trip and allocating more money to what you want to do when you’re over there.

    That’s my 2 cents anyway Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->. Enjoy!

  • 6 Nov 2010 Explorer1197020 said


    ive saved up heaps but never been really a ‘saver’. i just dont spend as much as i earn each week, i dont really keep track of what i do spend it on, which i probs could cut down on food but its hard when you work at a supermarket. and look forward to checking your bank account each week when you get paid and see it go up!! oh and try selling old stuff on ebay Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

  • 6 Nov 2010 EatPrayLove said


    thanks everyone !

  • 16 Nov 2010 Rhiannon said


    While I was at uni I was living off $50 a week and saving everything else! I found that taking my lunch to uni/work helps and taking bottles of water everywhere so you don’t buy drinks and food!
    Me and all my girlfriends are party girls and go out often, and trying to save makes it very hard, I would always take a flask out and only buy soft drinks and pour it in, yes it is very tight of me, but I would only spend like $30 each time out. That being said it has helped me to have a boyfriend that would spend a sat night at home with me so I wouldn’t spend money and another group of friends which are happy to just chill.

    Whenever I wanna buy clothes I just think “No, I’m going to Europe next year and I can buy much more amazing things from there”

  • 29 Nov 2010 Explorer1217966 said


    cut out pictures of places your going and place them up around the house and especially in your wallet, when you go to buy something that is a ‘want’ and not a ‘need’ then you’ll see the picture and realise that your saving for a good reason. This method really helped me when saving for my trip to europe and I saved up enough that I even came back with some spare money.

  • 9 Dec 2010 Marilou said


    All good ideas Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

    I really like the automatic saving plan myself. Although I do put money in my savings myself every paycheck, the little dollar that gets saved everytime I use my debit card is a nice add that you don’t really count, always good Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

  • 9 Dec 2010 Paul_MN83 said


    One of the things that I’ve done in saving is cutting back on trips to the movie theater. Movie tickets have become more expensive in the US over the years. When I do go to the theater, I go at the slightly less expensive afternoon shows and have pretty much stopped buying concessions. If you’re working, a great way to save money is to bring your own lunch. Even if it’s once a week, buying from the workplace cafeteria can eat into your paycheck. I think both examples that I’ve mentioned are great approaches for saving.

  • 13 Dec 2010 Explorer1084121 said


    go without beer for a year.I am planning for 2012 so will be doing my cutback plan starting next year Don’t buy lunches all the time on the outside and don’t use a car so often unless there is a need to for saving petrol and don’t eat out for all other meals I could think of more but leave that for another day.

  • 15 Dec 2010 NicsAdventure said


    Open a bank account that has a high interest rate so the more money you put in there, the more interest you’ll get.
    Take your lunch from home, only buy stuff you really need. I have booked my contrast tour for June, but I have alot saved up already as I knew I was going to do a contiki tour at some stage. Just put your mind too it and it will be worth it! Its Europe!!!

  • 5 Jan 2011 Kelli-Sian said


    I make sure there is always something to remind me of my trip!
    I also think its good to have balance and reward yourself every now and then so it doesn’t get too boring.
    I also agree with what others have said, its the little things that count like not buying your lunch at work each day

  • 5 Jan 2011 Kelli-Sian said


    Oh forgot! – you could also move home for 6 months before you go if the parentals will let ya, you’ll save loads.

  • 20 Mar 2011 RebeccaLee said


    im saving for my june trip to europe 2012 and i have fotos of the eifel tower in my wallet so everytime i go to use my card i think do i really need it? i also have my moneybox which im putting money ointo and every week when i get paid i save 3/4 of it and keep the rest then the next week when i get paid whatever i have letover in my account i put in my savings account and do the same week after week, everything adds up, it also helps that im only 17 in may so i dont have to pay for housing and a car, also if u have a birthday coming up ask for money instead of gifts. i have two my 17th and 18th before i go so ill definately be asking for money!

  • 20 Mar 2011 RebeccaLee said


    also try to spoil urself every so long. not in a big way but trust me i went 3 months of constant saving and i bought a $869 phone. half my account went down in that one transaction sucks so much :(

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