Digital Camera Advice Please???

29 Sep 2007 timtam asked

Hello everyone!<BR>I am really stuck on what sort of camera would be best to take overseas to Europe with me this winter. <BR>I currently have a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-P73, however I have been having alot of trouble with it lately with the batteries. It takes 2AA batteries which only seem to stay charged for 1hour at the most. <BR>Can someone tell me please if they think it is worth just getting a new set of sony rechargable batteries? OR if it would be better to buy a new camera with a different battery system (eg not standard AA batteries)?<BR>Also, considering I will be away in winter and there will be less daylight photos, is this camera ok at taking night shots or is there a something else I should be using?<BR>Thanks so much to anyone who can offer some advice on this topic for me!!!



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