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11 Aug 2006 brcpar said

I plan on going on the Beaches and Reefs tour sometime early 2007. I live in the US and here are my questions:<BR>Do most people take laptops or is this discouraged?<BR>If I take something electronic like a laptop, do I need any type of power converter?<BR>Also, I heard that most people arrive a day early for their tour and leave a day late. If this is true, where do you stay and how do you arrange transportation to and from the airport?<BR><BR>Much thanks to anyone who can help me out a little. I'm just new to traveling abroad.<BR>Thanks, Bruce.
  • 13 Aug 2006 Cat1984 said



    As for our power i have no idea what voltage it is but our points take the /\ and also that with a | in the middle.

    As for laptops. If you get sand in it it will be broken. I don’t know why you need a laptop. If it is only for photo storage and you are taking an Ipod or something just buy the camera to Ipod connections… much lighter and less chance of being ruined.

    Or you could buy extra memory for your camera. That’s what im doing for europe ive got 3 gig of space and i can use one of the cards in my phone to store music and pics so i will get use outta it when i get back.

    If you have never been to OZ before i rec. a few days before and after your tour. firstly because of the time difference you will have jet-lag, second its bloody beautiful here in summer and you will wanna just relax at bondi or whereever. or take a cheap flight to Melbourne after and PARTY with the best of them. Its only an hour from Sydney and 2 from the gold coast and flights can be as low as A$50. Melbourne is very different to Sydney and if you weren’t planning on coming back to Oz it will be well worth it!!


  • 16 Aug 2006 brcpar said


    The laptop I was thinking more so to have something to do on the plane because it is an extremely long flight. The longest I’ve gone on so far is about 5 1/2 hours, whereas a flight from Atlanta to LA to Sydney total will be almost a full day including layover. I guess I was just looking for entertainment to and from. The only other problem would be that I believe most of the 747s only have power in the business class, or so I’ve heard.

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