Berlin-Prague-Vienna-Budapest Jan 9/10 and Jan 15/16

28 Oct 2008 James said

Ok, so from what I hear is that this trip is a combination of long and short versions.<BR><BR>Jan 9/10:<BR>Berlin to Budapest (12 days)<BR>Berlin & Prague (8 days)<BR>Berlin, Prague, & Vienna (10 days)<BR><BR>Jan 15/16<BR>Vienna & Budapest (6 days)<BR><BR>I'm doing the full Berlin to Budapest. I'm James, from Wisconsin, 31, traveling solo, and this will be my third Contiki. I'm really looking forward to this one, it should be a blast. I've been to Prague before but not the other places. My last Contiki trips were during the hottest parts of summer, so this is going to be quite a change, not to mention a challenge to make the winter clothing fit in a suitcase.<BR><BR>I'm arriving on the 10th on a British Airways flight connecting London that gets in at 3:45, and I leave on the 20th a BA flight to london at 8am ish<BR><BR>Cant wait to meet everybody!<BR><BR>James Mattox (on facebook)<BR>mattoxj[at]mac[dot]com



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