Grand Southern Spending Money

28 May 2010 Megan said

I'm doing the Grand Southern in July/August and I'm trying to figure out how much I need to have availble/saved for the trip on top of the optional extras.<BR><BR>Just wondering if anyone knows roughly how much is good to budget for per day?
  • 1 Jun 2010 Rach84 said


    if u look back through other posts the common answer is it depends on ur spending as an individual, but prob budget about $100-$150aud a day

  • 2 Jun 2010 PinaI said


    At least $AUD100 per day (about $US80 at the moment) ON TOP of your extras. If you’re a drinker you might want more, if you dont drink, less.

    Just save your butt off, the more you can take the better. Nothing wrong with bringing some back…if there is any LOL!



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