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Europe camping vs ultimate european

20 Aug 2010 ScottNZ said

Hello <img src="" alt="Smiler" width="15" height="15"><!--graemlin::)--><BR><BR>Ive recently done a contiki in Canada and now im hungry for more!<BR><BR>Ive already decided i want to do europe next and i want to spend a while there (at least 4 weeks) and two big trips really intrest me, they are;<BR><BR>46 days Europe Camping (camping) and<BR>45 days ultimate european (concept)<BR><BR>Both seem like huge trips compared to the 11 day trip i just did in Canada but i was hoping for some comparison between the who by people who have done them before<BR>Anything i would expect to enounter differently on the two trips would be great, such as- money, attitude, age range, food, accommodation<BR><BR>Any input would be much appreciated!
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  • 20 Aug 2010 Kiwigirl89 said


    Hi, I haven’t gone on either tour as of yet but am considering both myself for late next year.

    The most important detail to consider is which destinations you simply must visit. E.g I want to visit Croatia and the Czech Republic which are offered under the 45 day camping tour and not the Ultimate European. Reading the forums and talking to my friends many say Prague in the Czech Republic or Drubrovnik in Croatia were they fav destinations.But perhaps you really want to visit Egypt, Bulgaria, Serbia or Hungary which are only offered on the Ultimate European.

    My second cousin recently did the Ultimate European and highly reccomends it. She said the campsitess both tours stay at are the same .. and the bathrooms are the same ones.. just that the campers stay in tents and her tour stayed in cabins. The average age on her tour was 23.

    Im also leaning towards the camping tour as it visits Dachau concentration camp while the Ultimate tour doesn’t. The activicties vary even when both tours visit the same city for the same length of time. E.g In Vienna the camping tour visits Prater park in the evening a historical theme park with one of the largest and oldest ferris wheels in Europe while the Ultimate tour participants all go on the optional concert offered.It seems the camping tour has more free activcties planned.

    Im leaning towards camping as I’d have extra money to perhaps do the tour of the UK.. or to spend I just have to decide whether I can hack camping for 45 days. I’ve read many positive reviews about the camping saying that the airmatresses are really comfortable perhaps more so than the thin matresses in the cabins and that everyone bonds quickly camping and that most people are laid back and friendly.

    It will be interesting to see what advice people share on this thread. To any one who has done the camping tour are the tents really that easy to set up in 10 minutes or so?

  • 20 Aug 2010 Jen_au said


    I looked at both of these options (lol and ended up picking something completely different). but I think the two biggest deciders (for me anyway) on these two were camping vs rooms and the difference in price. Personally I don’t mind camping too much but I think 46 days of it would be too much for me. I actually ended up picking the 16 day GB/Ire and the 24 day winter wanderer so still have 40 days on Contiki, just broken in the middle by about 6 days and different people too I guess. It was more a timing thing that I didn’t go on either of the two you mentioned, otherwise I would have gone with the concept tour in the end because I thought it would be worth spending a little more to not have to camp :P

  • 20 Aug 2010 forevakiwi said


    Heya Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->
    I did the 46 day camping last year… we did it as it was the places that interested us more than on the other tour.

    Camping was fine – as in some places you do ctually get to stay in hotels (very few) but in a lot of places you can actually upgrade to cabins if you want. The hotels were in the middle of the tour so a good break from camping.. the upgrades weren’t that expensive if you get 4 people to share them. I think we paid about 10 euro per cabin in Prague – but this was the cheapest and the camp ground wasn’t full

    The only problem with the camping is that you can hear everything… our tourguide wasn’t good at controlling the noise level at night and sometimes it was hard to sleep with people partying outside your tent to the early hours/all night. But the infltatble matresses and everything were fine. and tents easy to put up.

    Age range was 18-30 – but the majority were about 20-22 I think…

    Money – we were pretty cheap and teh 2 of us spent on average about 40 euro per day… but we didn’t drink much and we walked around all teh cities so didn’t pay for transport

    Food – was pretty good… different options

  • 22 Aug 2010 LadyRainbow said


    I’m really wanting to do the 25 Day Camping tour around this time next year. My friend did the 46 Day Camping tour last year and said it was the best experience of her life. I’ve also read it add’s to the whole Contiki experience and you bond more quickly with everyone when you’re camping.

  • 24 Aug 2010 Erin said


    I got back from the ultimate European in July and i would pay the extra money and do this sometimes our hotels were squished so with saying that imagine how camping was.. we were pretty lucky with hotels and after 46 days you want a bed that has springs in it (or something similar ha)

    I cant recommend the Ultimate european enough i did the greece option and it rocked.. egypt was more for explorers but you do enough through the rest of the tour.. relaxing and sunbacking was ace!

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