Question from a couple about triple and quad share

16 Apr 2009 Andrea (Ea) said

Andrea (Ea)
My boyfriend and I will be traveling together on the European Highlights tour (June 9, 2009) and I as wondering if we should expect to be split up often when it comes to sleeping accommodations? When we booked the trip we paid for twin share but we were told that because this is a budget tour, we may be put in a quad or triple share at some points or otherwise split up. Obviously I expect we will be split up in the hostel, but otherwise how would we be paired up? Would we be in a quad with another couple or would we be split up by gender?
  • 16 Apr 2009 cdm115 said


    I always saw that they would put you in quad share with another couple or twin share just the two of you, though it will depend on the accommodations. It would be rare that you would be split up.

  • 21 May 2009 tiny_dancer said


    Hi Andrea,
    Me and my bf are doing the same thing. Our flight agent said they usually ask ppl who they’d like to bunk with. If no pref then prob just put you with another couple.
    … Only time I have read about people being split up was one hostel (i think) in germany where the hostel liked to do the allocations or something like that but you can always organise a swap back anyways.



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