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Back Pack or Suitcase?

29 Jun 2009 Hammo asked

Hey, <BR><BR>Im sure there's plenty of old threads relating to this but couldn't find any when I had a look...<BR><BR>Im looking at doing the 21 day camping trip next year & was just wondering what would be better, Back Pack or Suitcase?<BR><BR>I did a Timeout tour a couple of years ago & took my suitcase but im thinkin that may not be a good idea for camping?<BR><BR>Also can anyone recommend any good brands of back packs?<BR><BR>Thanks!<BR>Sara
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  • 29 Jun 2009 ptooma said


    Hummm what did you try to search for? Did you try searching for “suitcase”? There are 51 pages of threads within European Advice alone on this topic.

  • 29 Jun 2009 Hammo said


    Gee… sorry, cheers heaps for the help ay…

  • 29 Jun 2009 Leigh said


    not that I have experience to go by but I’d say a suitcase doesn’t really fit a camping tour hey

  • 1 Jul 2009 Capt_Crash said


    good brand of backpack: BlackWolf

  • 1 Jul 2009 Hammo said


    Thanks Leigh & Capt_Crash, that’s exactly the type of response’s I was looking for.

    Pardon my ignorance, but after now looking thru quite a few of the “51 pages” of similar threads, I still didn’t really get what I was looking for. Everyone on those threads seemed to all go for suitcases but never mentioned what was more suitable for camping, also I did ask what brand of back pack was best. Perhaps there has been a thread which mentioned that in the past, but not after looking for quite a while. And im sorry, but I seriously don’t have the time to look at every single thread on 51 pages.

    Read more into what I was saying, I didn’t simply just ask “what is better, back pack or suitcase?”

    I can understand that it must get annoying seeing similar posts time after time, but being rude about it isn’t needed.

  • 1 Jul 2009 Capt_Crash said


    i dont think ptooma meant to be rude at all.

    Anyhow, lets move forward, with love :-)

    i’ve looked at lots of backpacks (Travelpacks specifically) and really like the range BlackWolf have.

    The best i have found is to go to a couple of stores and check them out, looking at them on the website isn’t much help.

    places like Anaconda, BCF, and those kind of camping shops (in sydney anyhow) have them


  • 2 Jul 2009 said


    No one was being Rude, and to be quite honest your question has been asked within recent memory. But regardless of that.

    What it boils down to is your preference more then anything else. A Pack or a Suitcase wont make much of a difference as the only time you will deal with it is from the tent to the coach.

    If you are going to bring a lot of stuff, a suitcase with good handles would be better than a backpack, as putting a heavy pack on only to take it off again 3 minutes later would be a lot more annoying in my mind then just carrying the suitcase. If you are going on the less is more mentality then a pack would or small suitcase/duffle would be fine.

    If you go with a Backpack try to stay around 40-50 liters, maybe up to 60 max if you want to pack more. Use compression packs to pack everything/keep everything organized. Don’t bother with a hybrid bag, the Wheels will get annoying very very quick. Brands I would suggest looking at are Osprey, Dana Designs, Gregory, and the North Face. Dakine has some rolling gear bags with wheels that will crush anything in their path, and in their snow lineup they have one or two backpacks that would be big enough for a trip like this that might be worth checking out.

  • 2 Jul 2009 CatherineOz said


    I have done that same tour with a friend. I took a backpack and she took a suitcase. I found my bag fit into the tent better, leaving more room for my lilo. And more room for my day pack and other things I picked up along the way, but then I did do alot more shopping than she did!
    The suitcase did appear to be more convenient for getting things in and out of it and packing it on moving days. Though when we arrived in and left london, at the tube stations I was able to easily walk up the stairs with my pack, where as she struggled to carry her case up the stairs unless a kind passer by helped (which they often did).
    Hope this helps.

  • 2 Jul 2009 cdm115 said


    Sara, you’re probably not going to find too many people on the boards who have done camping trips so you’re going to get limited info specific to that. That doesn’t mean their isn’t going to be relatent info in older threads, just look at why people say they like one over the other. Aside from the difference of a tent or a cabin budget tours are fairly similar to camping tours – you’re staying at the same campsites so you’re dealing with similar issues in transporting it.

  • 19 Aug 2009 lizzie said


    Hi I am doing the 46 day camping tour next year and had some friends who did camping this year and one took a suit case and the other 3 took a pack. The one with the suitcase said it took a lot of the room up on her part of the tent and she wishes she took a pack. Black wolf is a great brand to choose. I have purchased one from anaconda camping in Sydney Australia on sale and it was only 70 from 300 look out for the sales at the end of year cause u can get some great bargains especially if your not going for a while. Hope it helps and hope u have a fantastic time!!
    Also my friends loved the camping if u were concerned at all like most people seem to be. They said that they stayed at the same places as concept, used the same amenities and went to the same places. And they loved how close everyone came to each other compared to their observations of concept. Also they said that the lilos we get are often thicker then the mattresses that are on the beds in the cabins , etc.

  • 27 Aug 2009 Ang said


    If you take a backpack, make sure you roll everything, then secure it with a rubber band – makes unpacking and repacking waaaaay easier!

    I haven’t done a camping tour, but my mate and I took backpacks on our 16 day tour, then spent 10 weeks travelling on our own, and they were brill. It was awesome to cruise up the stairs past the queue of 30 people waiting for the two-person lift :-)

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