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european whirl 2008

8 Oct 2007 nomes said

hi all. im an 18 yr old female looking for people to chat to who are considering doing the european whirl tour next year around the end of june or start of july.<BR><img src="" alt="Smiler" width="15" height="15"><!--graemlin::)-->
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  • 8 Oct 2007 kiara_nala said


    Hi. We are looking at the Whirl but leaving the first/ second week of June. I can’t wait for the dates to come out!

  • 16 Oct 2007 smoore said


    oo me too!!!
    cant wait for the dates im already rele excited

  • 17 Oct 2007 Ash said


    hey nomes, me and my friend are going on the European Whirl leaving 29th of June we’re both gals (from AUS) and we’ll both be 19 when we travel.

    Should be awsome fun! I’m just hopeing we’ll have an awsome group when we go!

  • 2 Nov 2007 erin_wa said


    hey Ash do you know if the 29th of June if guaranteed departure? I am planning a trip with a friend and we don’t know if we should leave on the 26th or 29th.

  • 6 Nov 2007 Ash said


    Hey Erin, unfortunatly the 29th isnt a guaranteed departure, but me and my mate r positive we’ll have enough people keen to go then (fingers crossed!!) We only leave Melbourne on the 26th so the 29th is our only choice!

  • 7 Nov 2007 Davo said


    Gday everyone, it now look like illbe doing the whirl late june or early july next year, there wil be 6 of us all aussies and we all will be 23!!

  • 7 Nov 2007 Jezz said


    Hey Davo!!

    Yeah we’ll be on the whirl tour leaving on the 29th june i think it is???


  • 8 Nov 2007 Davo said


    Hahaha your a nutter Jezz your the one who organised it, how is ya hangover after last night, Josh and i had to carry you inside and put you to bed you drunk bastard!!! So the 29th is the actual tour we are doing then????

  • 8 Nov 2007 Ash said


    hey Davo and Jezz, welcome to the tour!! I’m glad to see more people are coming on the 29th!!
    Me and my friend bec will be 19 (both aussies btw) when we hit europe next year. looking forward to meeting all u fine people!! yeeewww!!!

  • 11 Nov 2007 Davo said


    hey ash, good to see a few more aussies on the tour, its gonna be good, cant wait till we are over there!!!! Have you guys booked yet?

  • 14 Nov 2007 Davo said


    good stuff, we still have to book, but will be doing it in the next few days, and we will be staying at the same place you guys will be at, you cant miss us, 6 ausse blokes prob being slightly roudy drinkin up a storm!

  • 1 Dec 2007 Jezz said



    well ash there will be no clicks on this bus! cause if there is we will convienetly leave them behind so they can click off somewhere else!!

    so ash what else are you guys doing or are you just doing contiki and then going home>??

    we just booked our million bloody connecting flights casuse we’re going all over the place after the tour…. oh geez!!!!!

  • 2 Dec 2007 Ash said


    I like ur idea of leaving clicky people behind! Hell no we’re not going home!! Hiting Ireland for a while, then Belgium and germany… have friends over there who’ll show us round. Should be aws!!

  • 4 Dec 2007 Explorer1082105 said


    Helllooosss peoples,

    Hey yeah im going by myself as well to the June 29th 2008 Euro Whirl. 25 yr old Melbourne boy, looking to party extremely hard & meet some cool new faces along the way!
    By the sounds of it, there may be alot of aussies on this bus. Boganville here we come Smiler haha. Let’s rip it up Euro 2008! Smiler

  • 5 Dec 2007 Ash said


    So far heaps of guys on the 29th of june tour..any other girls coming or just me and my friend?? So far where the youngest as well… hmmm… ohhh well! PARTTYYY!!!

  • 16 Feb 2008 Sidney said


    we are three aussie girls going on June 26. any of u guys booked for that date??

  • 24 Mar 2008 Matt said


    Hey everyone! Im going on the European Whirl departing London on May 25th. If youre on that too, come join our facebook group! Just look up “European Whirl May 25” on

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