Harmony amonst tour groups

5 Nov 2006 Melb_Girl said

Hi,<BR><BR>My friend & I will be doing a 19 day Europe tour in March & we were hoping for some feedback about how people get along with others in their tour group while on tour. We know that anytime you have a group of people there will be people you love & people you don't love so much...but is *****iness common? Does anyone have any stories of nightmare tour companions?
  • 23 Nov 2006 KayneS said


    Hey guys,

    I think it’s inevitable that people will get on your nerves. But it’s not as if you have to see the people you don’t care for again after the tour is over, so take it in your stride & concentrate on enjoying your trip & doing what makes you happy. I’ve been on 2 coach tours previously in the USA & Canada where I’ve made friends for life. There were also people who I would have liked to have reversed the bus over! You’ll get your yobbos who just drink & are obnoxious & have no appreciation for the sights they’ve paid thousands to see. You’ll also get your cliques of “cool people” who still think they’re in High School, but on the whole be yourself & concentrate on enjoying your trip.

  • 26 Nov 2006 Red Rock said


    Hey, i’m doing a tour next june and from all of the info and comments i’ve read of ppls previous tours i would just recommend that you expect your tour to be roughly the same as a long school camp (but maybe a bit more mature minded…then again there is alcohol hehe.) But, obviously there will be groups, and perhaps a few cows, but the good thing is we are all old enough to ignore those few ppl and have the ability to converse with the other 40 or so other ppl on the trip. As long an you expect the obvious few problems and relax you should have a great time :P

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