contiki or other tour operators?

14 Nov 2006 Red Rock asked

i'm looking at doing the contiki european experience in june 07, however i have just found another tour operator called "budget expeditions" whose prices are alot more competitive. i was wondering if there is anyone out there who may have travelled with this company, or even top deck tours, and what their views on these companys were in comparison to contiki
  • 15 Nov 2006 Kelsha said


    I had friends who went with Top Deck and also friends who went with another company – and both said that most of the time when they came across the Contiki people they were quite jealous, as the Contiki busses appeared to be more modern/comfortable and the Contiki-travellers they spoke to were in nicer hotels and so on – they keep picking on me, saying I’m going to be one of those “Contiki Snobs!” ;-)

    So yeah, as cdm said, you probably get what you pay for – and if budget is a bigger issue than comfort, then I guess you can go for the cheaper option.

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