Need advice...what tour is better?

5 Aug 2007 Jamie62477 asked

So I've already been on the Eastern Road Tour in 2006 and am wondering where I should go to next??? Here are the few that I'm interested in.

Simply Italy-want to see Rome, Venice, Florence and Pompei.

Road to Athens-London, Paris, Lucerne, Munich, see Venice, Florence, Rome, Pompeii, but get to go to Greece

European Inspiration-Amsterdam, Paris, Berlin, Prague (Love to see again, but don't need to see right away), Munic, Venice, Florence, Rome, Pisa But not Pompeii.

So have any of you been on either one of these tours? What do you think? Would you recommend one over the other? I really enjoyed the variety of the Eastern Road Tour. Is there a lot of variety with the Simply Italy Tour?

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