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Grand Southern advice needed!

21 Mar 2009 Rhi said

Hi, <BR>I'm thinking about booking a Grand Southern tour in January 2010 and I just wanted to know what it was like for anyone who has been on it, worth going? Any favourite parts? What was the weather like (if you went in winter...I'm worried it might be freezing cold)? Can you recommend any other US tours that are worth a look at for winter? <BR>Sorry if those are dumb questions, just trying to get some firsthand advice, as well as the travel advice off the site. Any advice you can give about this trip would be great and very much appreciated! <BR><BR>Thankyou, <BR><BR>Rhi
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  • 22 Mar 2009 ozzie daz said

    ozzie daz

    hi Rhi
    i did the grand southern NY to LA last november and it was starting to get cold then, i live in the tropics of australia so i’m not a big fan of cold weather! but i guess it depends on where in the world u live.

    Certainly expect cold weather and possibly snow in some parts. as far as other tours i guess u would have to see whats running at that time of the year. i know that the wild western is still on. i did that tour april last year and had a great time.

    hope this is of some help

    Cheers Daz

  • 23 Mar 2009 Explorer04012 said


    Just got home from my GS (20Feb- 15March)and had so much fun.. YOu get used to the cold so fast its not funny. I was walking aroun in a t-shirt in Cortez in -7.7C weather. The south is so warm you will never notice its winter.. When your on the bus see if you can sit at the back cz the seats are very nice and big and far apart. You will see snow in NY, DC and in Colorado if going in 2010.. If you do go the best optional you can do is the snow mobiling in Durango.. With money budgeting do the tips for the Tour Manager and the Bus driver.. For about 25 days it’ll be about US$50 each.. The coldest part of the tour was the stop in Philly for a photo with Rocky statue.. Take alot of $1 notes cz you have to tip like a $1 for every drink you buy.(****). Take alot of spending money cz America is not as cheap as i thought it would be.. Also if you have a laptop take it with cz most of the Hotels have free Wi-Fi for it.. Also dont break any windows cz it is not your in Orlando your going to stay in some pretty big room, apartment things. Also when there have about $40 ready if you want to get a unlimited ride ticket at the theme park next door.. When doing the Optional stuff dont do the flight over the grand canyon cz it looks the same from the top as from the side off it, i did not to it, just alot of comments i heard from my friends that did.. Also there is alot of driving so you can get drunk the night b4 wake up the next day, get on the bus and sleep it off then..

    Hope most of this helps, dont really want to get into to much detail and spoil it for ya..


  • 30 Mar 2009 Bateup said


    I did that tour at the exact time you’re doing it (the December/January just gone).

    The weather is pretty good that time of year. New York was freezing cold!! Be sure to rug up there!! It’s quite chilly until you hit Florida. But nothing extreme. A big jacket will come in handy though in some places.

    But as the other guys have said, the southern states aren’t too bad for cold weather. Just like winter in Australia. Some days were great in Florida and LA – so we were in shorts and tee. Other places it was snowing and the night time temps are pretty low. So take a good mix of clothing.

    It barely rained for the whole time we were there. So that was another bonus!!

    Good luck!! You will have so much fun!!

  • 31 Mar 2009 Rhi said


    Thankyou so much for all the info!

  • 28 Apr 2009 babydaisy said


    hi there! i live it atlanta, georgia and i can tell you weather in january down here is hit or miss. the past january was cold (usually between 25 and 35 degree Fahrenheit). but in past years we have welcomed the new year in with weather in the 7os. my apartment complex actually started leaving our pool open year round so we could tan whenever the weather was nice.

  • 30 Apr 2009 caja13 said


    I did the wild western in the summer and I would have to say that the 45 min helicopter flight at the grand canyon was one of the highlights of my tour, I would recommend it!!!

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