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Contiki travel insurance

7 Nov 2010 Jason1010 said

Hey guys,<BR><BR>I'm gonna be doing the European adventurer for 39 days and I was wondering if the travel insurance that Contiki offers is any good? Or am I better off getting travel insurance elsewhere? <BR><BR>I've never purchased travel insurance before i'm not sure what to do! Thank You!
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  • 7 Nov 2010 Explorer1148588 said


    the gold protection that contiki offer is for the tour only. It differs from other travel insurances because you can cancel for whatever reason and get a refund whereas with other insurance companies you can only cancel for legitamate reasons for example death in the family, illness etc. However if you opt for the contiki travel insurance you will still need to get insurance for the rest of your trip eg- flights and luggage etc. Hope that makes sense. I just booked a trip and went with both the contiki insurance and normal travel insurance

  • 7 Nov 2010 Jason1010 said


    If I plan to spend a week in London before my tour starts then I won’t be insured during my time in London if I choose Contiki’s insurance. Is this correct? I assume Contiki’s insurance is only for the time of the tour itself….

  • 8 Nov 2010 cdm115 said


    I’m 99% sure it covers your airfare too.

    Here are 2 different scenarios:

    You book your tour through contiki and your airfare seperately and add on 1 day pre and post tour, which are booked with contiki. reading the fine print everything should be covered by the insurance.

    If you book your tour through contiki and add a week on of hotels you book independently then you may not be covered.

    I do believe the terms and conditions vary a bit by where you live. When in doubt call contiki, if they don’t know they can either send you the fine print, or they can refer you to the company that actually provides it.

  • 9 Nov 2010 Wez said


    I would also be interested to know whether the Contiki gold seal protection covers airfares ect.

  • 9 Nov 2010 Explorer1148588 said


    im not entirely sure now lol.. I booked my tour the other week and was made to believe that contiki’s insurance only covered ground costs so like your tour etc. Maybe i should have a chat with my travel agent…

  • 9 Nov 2010 Explorer1148588 said


    Just had a quick read on the website. Gold seal protection only covers the land arrangements made by contiki. It does not cover flights pre and post tour and does not cover luggage or expensive personal items. It also doesnt cover medical costs should you for whatever reason get sick or hurt on your tour or throughout any non contiki related travels. Ive booked both!!!

  • 9 Nov 2010 Kelsey said


    Depending on what country you are travelling from the Contiki travel insurance could be different. I am from Canada and here the Contiki insurance is provided by BerkleyCare and includes things such as Medical Expenses and Baggage Protection. The post above says the Contiki insurance doesn’t cover these so I assume they are from a different country so the insurance would be different and cover different things.

  • 9 Nov 2010 Explorer1197020 said


    i booked my trip through flight centre, and there insurance is travelmore. and her quote was expensive, so i looked around and found some cheaper ones (suncorp) and then told my travel agent then she matched that which was at least $100 cheaper than i paid an extra $10 to get the full coverage. so i think i ended up paying $200 instead of $300+ which was the original quote. so do some research online with the quote calculators. Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->
    oh and im covered for the time i take off to landing in australia which include a week before in london and time in amsterdam with family after.

  • 9 Nov 2010 Explorer1148588 said


    yehs the insurance im talking about is in australia. I booked with covermore i think but the one im talking about is contiki gold seal protection. I probably should not of booked both but i figured if anything happens then im garenteed to get some money back!!!

  • 9 Nov 2010 Wez said


    Interesting, thanks guys. So one would imagine that if your Contiki were canceled for ANY reason whether it’s personal or natural (like an ash cloud) you would be refunded.

  • 11 Nov 2010 Kim AUS said


    The way my travel agent explained the gold seal thing was that the personal travel insurance that you take out (through whatever insurance agency you choose) covers you for cancellations by them, or by you (for legitimate reasons eg: death of a family member, illness etc…) but the gold seal protection thing is basically if you decide to cancel your trip for another reason (eg: travelling with boyfriend and you break up)
    I didn’t bother taking it out as personal travel insurance covers just about everything.

  • 1 Dec 2011 BobbyRae said


    We purchased both Gold Seal and travel insurance (as recommended by travel agent). If we decide to cancel for ANY reason before we depart, Contiki will refund our tour, whereas our other arrangements are subject to travel insurer rules. We were able to though reduce the ‘cancellational’ cover of the ordinary travel insurance as Contiki provides the refund protection. Therefore reducing the cost of the travel insurance a bit.

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