Anyone leavin London May 25, 09 for the European Escapade?

18 May 2009 Lisa asked

A am 19, from northern BC and I am going on this tour with a friend, 18, and it would be nice to hear from others who are going, or have gone during this time...things like clothing, money, whatever, anything to get rid of some of our 'nervousness'!
  • 18 May 2009 AP said


    Hi Lisa,

    I believe you mean May 27 Smiler<!--graemlin::)--> if so I’ll be on that tour. Re: your queries I’m not planning on carrying too much money couple of hundred at any given time.

    Will just withdraw whenever I need money, are heaps of ATM’s around apparently(my first time going to Europe also) and pay by card for most purchases.

    For great advice look no further than the forums, is some great advice there on the official contikipedia articles as well as posts from people who have done a contiki tour before.

    Hope that helps.



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