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Internet Banking? Safe??

29 Jun 2007 *CAT* asked

Hi everyone, just wondering how many people are going to be doing internet banking via internet cafes along the way? Are the computers in the cafes safe from spyware? The one time that i have used internet banking from my own personal home computer, i had money transfered out of my account with out knowing about it simply because i didnt have the right protective stuff, (i got it back eventually). Once bitten Twice shy - so im unsure wether its ok to do internet banking at cafes. All the help and info would be awsome. <BR>Cat
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  • 29 Jun 2007 mattsmess said


    yea, it should be… although there is always a chance that you could get defrauded… however, banks are usually decent about helping you out

  • 29 Jun 2007 miss.fifty said


    i used to work for a bank, specifically with the internet banking area, i saw quite a few people affected by fraud but not alot was due to using internet cafes (well none more so than using home computers).
    that said you never really no what is on those computers. so if you plan on doing online banking just take some precautions, change your password regularly, keep your daily transfer limit on your account as low as possible, or if you only plan on transferring between your own accounts and not to third party accounts you can usually put a block on third party transfers and only have internal transfers available.
    myself personally i keep my transactional account listed along with my credit card but i have elected to have my savings account with all my money not on my internet banking. when i need money from my savings transferred into my transactional account i use phone banking to transfer it in.
    give your bank a call explain your concerns they should let you know specific things to do to make sure your protected.
    and like mattmess said you will 9 times out of 10 get your money back as long as you havent willingly given out your info.

  • 29 Jun 2007 *CAT* said


    thanks heaps guys, that really helps i feel better now. il go chat to my bank Big Grin<!--graemlin::D-->

  • 30 Jun 2007 Curtis71 said


    Internet cafes are like brothels: Lots of customers each taking turns using the same hardware. High risk.

    I would never do internet banking from any computer I didn’t trust. Those computers have a very high risk of being infected with something, or perhaps the owners themselves are running keylogging software. Another well-known scam is that customers could secretly install password-stealing software and come back a few days later after lots of tourists have logged in. There are just so many ways you could be screwed at an internet cafe or any computer for public use.

    For e-mail I would create a separate hotmail, gmail etc. account and use that ONLY when travelling. Forward your other accounts to it. If your password gets lifted, they won’t be able to get into your main accounts. If you do use any of your main accounts, change your passwd IMMEDIATELY when you get home. But again, I would not risk any banking data on an unknown, possibly-hostile computer. I like FastMail because it tells you the time of the last successful and unsuccessful login. That’s great for detecting intrusion.

    Lastly, you got bitten from your home computer because some sort of keylogging worm/trojan/etc got installed somehow. Probably you weren’t up to date on security patches or used MS Internet Explorer. Lots of people are not savvy on these issues and this is a large reason why their info gets stolen. This tells me you don’t really know what to look for in terms of verifying security, so this is a special danger for you.

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