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Anyone greek island hopping 5th-17th July?

1 Feb 2010 Laura King asked

Laura King
Hi my friend and I (both will be 20) are going island hopping on the 5th July. Anyone else doing this tour?
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  • 10 Feb 2010 Jono said


    Heyy, My names Jono im 21 from Sydney and it looks as though im going to be booking on to the same just finalising flights and what not..where r u guys from??

  • 11 Feb 2010 Laura King said

    Laura King

    Cool, we just finalised flights last week. So excited hey. We are both originally from Port Macquarie area but I now live in Newcastle and my friend now lives in Sydney. Are you flying solo or going with mates?

  • 15 Feb 2010 Jono said


    nice…yeh it looks like an awesome pretty sure im going to be travelling with my brother (he’ll b 20 wen we leave)..what r ur guys plans for before/after the tour??

  • 15 Feb 2010 Laura King said

    Laura King

    That’s cool. we are flying into athens the night before the tour starts and staying another night in athens when it finishes. we cant stay much longer coz uni holidays finish shortly after that. what about you n your bro?

  • 20 Feb 2010 Jono said


    yeh were also gonna be on uni holidays so time is definately a restriction but we will prob arrive in athens a couple of days before the tour starts n then head to london for a couple days after which should b good…it just suks that theres a whole uni semester before we leave haha but at least its sumthing to look forward to..
    who r u guys flying with??

  • 22 Feb 2010 B said


    hey guys, I’ll be also doing the greek is hopper 5 july along with 3 other frinds we are all from sydney, so excited only 5 months to go hehe. Laura King you mentioned your originally from port macquarie? I go up there all the time i got family up there, actually going up there next month lol small world. My friends and I are doing the london to rome trip before we do greek is hopper! Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

  • 22 Feb 2010 Laura King said

    Laura King

    Cool sounds good..haha I know. I start back next week, not looking forward it. Just hope it goes quick!! We are flying with Emirates, what about you?

    Cool cool. I know hey it’s so exciting, I hope the next few months fly. I just want to go already! lol it is a small world. Yeh Port Macquarie area, actually from Wauchope which is just outside Port but no one ever knows where that is, so I just say Port so I dont have to explain where it is haha.

  • 22 Feb 2010 B said


    It will fly by very quick! We are alos flying emirates flying out 16 jun and spending a few days in london and then doing the london to rome tour on 20 june. then at the end of the greek is hopper we are doing a stop in dubai. what are your plans? are you doing any toher travel before tour? Is this your first time to europe?

    Yes Wauchope i know lol been many times, remember the big bull and timbertown used to go there when i was little lol

  • 22 Feb 2010 Jono said


    haha ye emirates seems to be the airline of choice atm..we will b flying out on the 2nd of July from syd so should arrive on the 3rd i think..this will b my 4th family in hungary and last july went on a contiki tour for 6 weeks..was a seriously awesome trip but didnt get enough time in greece so now im headed back about urself?
    on a side note i havent heard the name timbertown in ages! that brings back some memories haha

  • 23 Feb 2010 Laura King said

    Laura King

    haha no way you guys know about timbertown. our house is actually over the road from it. you must be like the first people that have heard of it! .lol the big bull is still standing but it closed down ages ago.

    I’m only doing the GIH tour, I’ve already seen a fair bit of the world. Love travelling. B sounds like youre going to have such an awesome trip!

    Cool I think we fly out of syd at some ridicously early hour on the 4th and arrive in Athens the night before the tour starts. I’ve heard that the hotel in Athens is in a heaps dodgy area especially at night. Have you heard that? For a dodgy area the hotel looks pretty good.

  • 23 Feb 2010 B said


    well this will be our first contiki tour.I think everyone has to do a contiki tour once in their life lol. Ive Been to italy twice already went back last september and heading back again on our first tour..luv italy! but really looking forward to the greek islands been wanting to go there for awhile!

    ahah yeh we fly out at lovely 6am. thats what makes our flight so cheap lol

    I haven’t actaully looked up the hotels yet in athens but i think there is a few dodgy areas there but i’ll take my pepper spray just in case lol

    yeh big bull was the best I was so sad when it closed down and farmer john left hehe

  • 23 Feb 2010 Jono said


    yeh i dont mind the 6am flight just means we can get out of here sooner haha..

    yeh ive been told its a dodgy area at night but apparently the metro is only a couple hundred meters away..however im not to concerned considering theres a bar on the top floor and for 2 weeks straight we r probably gonna be partying pretty hard lol

  • 24 Feb 2010 Laura King said

    Laura King

    Yeh it will be my first contiki tour as well Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->
    haha true its gonna be sooo good.

  • 13 Mar 2010 Explorer1158756 said



    I’m on this tour aswell, I’m 23 year old from NZ. Are you guys all arriving a day/ night before?


  • 13 Mar 2010 Laura King said

    Laura King

    Hey Charlotte.
    Where abouts in NZ are you from, I have family living there. Are you travelling with anyone else or is it just you?
    Myself and Ty will arrive in Athens the night before the tour starts. What about you?

  • 13 Mar 2010 B said


    Hey Charlotte!

    I’m 23 too from Syd, myself and 3 other friends are arriving on the first day. We will becoming from another contiki tour! Is this your first time to greece?

  • 23 Mar 2010 Explorer1158756 said



    I’m just travelling by myself, so would be nice to ‘know’ some people going on the tour before I actually get there. Yep my first time to Greece can’t wait! Will be a good break from work for me. I am from Auckland, how about you guys? Have you guys been on Contiki before?

  • 25 Mar 2010 B said


    haha me and my friend are that excited each month we have a celebration dinnner to count down till we leave.

    you guys can look me up on facebook and we can catch up there. Bianca Holdsworth.

    First time on contiki and to greece. been wanting to go for ages. so excited. we are all from sydney

  • 25 Mar 2010 Laura King said

    Laura King

    I was originally travelling by myself too. But I was kinda scared. lol… I am from Port Macquarie. And also first time on contiki. And also look me up on facebook. Theres probably millions of people with my name. It’s only 3 months away! get excited haha

  • 27 Mar 2010 Explorer1158756 said


    Ok will do with the facebook add. I’m Charlotte Abbott, just so you don’t think i’m some random haha. Oh its fun going by yourself! I loved it when I did a Contiki up the east coast of Australia.

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