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25 Sep 2007 Jess asked


I'm doing Euro Vista in Dec/Jan, and have been thinking about separating from the group for a night to do my own thing. I would really love to see Prague, and my tour goes close (well close considering I live on the other side of the planet!) but does't actually go there. I know contiki are fine with allowing people to go off and rejoin, but the question is - am I brave enough?!

I think if I wanted to do it, I'd skip a night in Munich (the tour stays for two), or maybe when the tour heads to Rhine Valley (1 night) I'll go to Prague, and then join in Amsterdam the night after...

Anyone ever done something like this before? My worries are that 1) It will be too hard to travel, find a place to stay, and meet up with the tour again after, especially since I don't speak the language, and 2) I'll miss out on a good night out or some amazing sightseeing with the tour group that I might regret? Is there anything in Rhine Valley that is totally unmissable? If I skip a night in Munich at least I would still have one night left there...

On the other hand, I'll probably feel that my Europe trip is more complete it I do it, I'll know I saw everything I wanted to see, and plus it'll be an adventure!

Opinions, advice, feedback? Anyone done the same thing, or thinking of doing it for their tour? Would love to hear what you've got!

Thanks =)

Melbourne, Australia
European Vista, 28th Dec 07
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