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First time tiki traveller! PACKING and MEETING

4 Jan 2014 Becka asked


hey guys,
so this is my first contiki tour and I was wondering if you take a small suitcase, do you have to carry it on you 24/7?

Also if your tour starts in London, where do you meet? the night before or the morning of?


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  • 4 Jan 2014 Faye said


    My tour starting in London will meet in front of Royal National Hotel at 7:30am.

  • 6 Jan 2014 Susanne said


    Im going on my first contiki tour in may and am taking a large suitcase with me. Unsure whether you have to carry it everywhere but i assume it would stay with the bus. My tour also starts in london and meets in front of the royal national hotel at 6.45 am.

  • 7 Jan 2014 Claudia said


    Hey just finished my tour about a week ago :)
    There is a “meeting” the night before at the contiki basement in royal national hotel they just give you the info for the departure morning & check you in, it’s not compulsory but might wana go if you’re a bit anxious
    If you don’t go London departures are at the royal national hotel usually at 6.45 where they weigh your bags & check you in if you havnt already.
    As for suitcases what do you mean? What tour are you on &how many days? Nearly everyone on my tour took a typical sized suitcase which were under the bus on travel days or stayed at the hotel then a duffel/backpack type bag for extras you want on the bus & maybe for the girls a small handbag for free days
    You will get all this in your info pack that usually gets sent a month before you leave but any more questions just ask :) I’d love to help

  • 7 Jan 2014 Becka said


    only for 9 days, so i was going to take a mini wheelie suitcase and a handbag! i just dont want to lug it round all the cities all day…i think i’ll go to the briefing though sounds like a good idea :)

  • 7 Jan 2014 Mel May said

    Mel May

    I’m going for 45 days so I’m hoping they leave mine on the bus as its large, but I am taking a day pack for a change of clothes etc so the suitcase can stay under there. Wierd question, do the hotels have hair dryers or will we need to take our own?

  • 7 Jan 2014 Faye said


    Someone who has been on European Inspiration recently told me that around half the hotels had hair dryers.

  • 8 Jan 2014 Claudia said


    Faye who was it? I did the inspiration! :)
    Yeah I think most of our hotels did. But they are the old school hotel ones so really weak & take forever which isn’t good when you’re short on time just get a travel one really cheap & worked well
    When it comes to toiletries & personal stuff if it’s part of your routine just bring it! It’s better than having to rely on someone else to have one & wait for them to be done :)
    Becka you def. won’t have to carry it around all day! You can always leave it on the bus just make sure anything valuable is on you. Is it just the carry on size? Maybe just bring a big one incase you’ll buy stuff even the boys ended up buying bigger luggages on my trip lol

  • 8 Jan 2014 Faye said


    Claudia, her name is Elouise :)

    Good to know that you went on the European Inspiration (it doesn’t seem popular on this forum). I have a few questions if you don’t mind: Did you do the Mt. Pilatus optional? Was it worth it? Would you recommend long sleeve or short sleeve pyjamas to wear in the hotel rooms? Were any of the places you visited dirty (I’m planning to wear a lot of light coloured trousers)? Thanks in advance! :)

  • 8 Jan 2014 Mel May said

    Mel May

    Thank you so much I will pop my travel one in people are welcome to borrow if needed. What tours and dates are you all going girls :)

  • 8 Jan 2014 Faye said


    European Inspiration starting 17 March :)
    I will be in London on 15 March. How about you Mel May?

  • 8 Jan 2014 Mel May said

    Mel May

    Yey! England Scotland 8th march until the 15th, then I’m in London until the 24th I’m going on the winter wanderer :)

  • 8 Jan 2014 Mel May said

    Mel May

    Yey! I will be on the England Scotland tour 8th march until the 15th then Back in London until the 24th for winter wanderer :)

  • 9 Jan 2014 Claudia said


    Faye I noticed that too but my tour was booked out & amazing!
    Yessss do mt pilatus! Was probably one of the most incredible things we did & the only optional everyone did no one regretted it
    I wore a tshirt & long pj pants which was just right the hotels are really well heated if anything it was more often stuffy than too cold
    I don’t remember anywhere being dirty just keep in mind you’re outdoors a lot so the same as at home when you’re in a big city & sitting on public benches :)

  • 9 Jan 2014 Faye said


    That’s a nice, long holiday Mel! :)
    Thanks Claudia, I will def do Mt Pilatus then :)

  • 10 Jan 2014 niri21 said


    hey Guys – ny hubby and i are doing the European Magic – we are so excieted – its our first Contiki – please advise us on how we should pack ?

  • 11 Jan 2014 Becka said


    yeah anybody got any packing suggestions?

  • 12 Jan 2014 Claudia said


    When are you guys going? I went in winter for 19days & have a lot of tips for then but summer would be quite different :)

  • 12 Jan 2014 Faye said


    This is my preliminary clothing list for 15 March-5 April (22days/21nights). Any advice would be appreciated :)
    1 waist length down jacket
    1 wool jumper
    1 merino wool vee
    1 raincoat
    3 cotton turtleneck long sleeve tops
    1 cotton long sleeve top with a hood
    2 long cotton T-shirts
    1 long sleeve collared shirt
    4 skinny corduroy trousers
    1 bootcut lined trousers
    1 pair of straight cut jeans
    1 wool mini skirt
    2 leggings
    2 paris of shoes (calf length leather boots and walking shoes)
    1-2 bras
    6 knickers
    2 pairs of gloves
    1 winter hat
    1 scarf
    6 paris of socks
    3 pairs of pyjamas

    Do I need to bring these— sunglasses, thermals, lip gloss, slippers (to wear in the hotel)?

    Claudia, how much did excluded lunches cost on average? How about excluded dinners?

  • 13 Jan 2014 Claudia said


    lunches & dinners depend on what you like & where you are sometimes you can spend under 10euros for lunch & sometimes alot more e.g. 3 courses in italy or switzerland in general lol budget around 10-15 for lunch & maybe 20-30 for dinner?

    tbh thats alot of clothes to start off with even if you dont buy much stuff you prob wont use half of it (all the pants) :)
    i started off with:
    1 thick parka with hood
    1 trenchcoat
    2 sweaters
    2 jeans
    1 black leggings
    3 long sleeve shirts
    2 dresses
    1 ‘dressy’ cardigan & top
    1 pjs
    2 boots – one calf length, one knee length
    1 ballet flats
    1 thongs/flip flops for hotel
    2 scarves, 1 beanie, gloves, sunglasses
    2 thermal leggings
    1 turtleneck thermal shirt
    lots of underwear & 3 bras
    1 stockings
    lots of socks + 2 thermal socks

    that plus my toiletries were 16kgs keeping in mind i was already wearing one of the heavy jackets, sweater & boots
    i ended up buying heaps of stuff there & my checkin bag on the flight out was 20.9kgs lol

    - shoes are personal choice (just don’t pack too many!) i didnt bring any sneaker type shoes coz they look really touristy lol sometimes i wish i did coz we walked soooo much but at the end of the day i was happy with my choice just make sure whatever you bring that they have a good sole & are broken in
    - try pack as much underwear & socks as you can sometimes you dont get much time to wash them & socks take foreverrrr to dry!
    - with the thermals i just got cheap ones from target on sale $10 hopefully they still have stock left if you guys want some they worked pretty well & thermal socks were on sale at kathmandu :)
    - i did a hotel tour & we had 2 chances to do laundry it cost 20euros (alot right!) but if you only have a few stuff spilt it between a few of you or if you have some time go to a laundromat nearby (lucky the hotel in florence had self serve machines) its not really something you think about beforehand but its better than overpacking & carrying dirty clothes around for a month :) oh & pack your clothes from amsterdam in a plastic bag unless you want your suitcase smelling like weed haha

  • 13 Jan 2014 niri21 said


    Hi there, My hubby and I are travelling from the 11 April – doing the European Magic tour and the a few nights in Disney world. we are so excited:-)

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