Best of Oz--enough time for all the optionals or too rushed?

23 Jun 2006 Gargantuan asked

Hey there,

I'm booked for the Best of Oz tour this November and am about to pay out...just had a few concerns that I hope can be addressed by those who have taken this trip (or by Contiki, perhaps):

-Is a couple of nights enough to visit Ayer's rock, to get at least a small taste of the Outback? Is there time to do both the aboriginal walking tours and the scenic flight?

-With only two full days at Cairns (I leave for NZ the 3rd day), is it possible to do a Great Barrier Reef excursion _and_ the Daintree Rainforest? For those who did the intro scuba, was it worth it?

Most people say you can't do Australia in 10 days, but dagnabbit, I think it can be done....especially if you only have 10 days. Right?

Thanks in advance for your response,

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