Luggage- Please Help

3 Jul 2008 Explorer1084391 said

Hello,<BR><BR>I want to know if it's ok to carry the below.<BR><BR>Suitcase, Tote Bag (the one that matches a suitcase) and a normal handbag that we girls usually carry.<BR><BR>Just the same way we would in the flight.
  • 3 Jul 2008 PinaI said


    There are SO many threads currently open about the same kind of thing – do a “find” (in the tabs above) and read through those.

    A suitcase and handbag is fine, your “tote” is debatable as there is not a lot of room on the bus to store extra bags.

  • 3 Jul 2008 Explorer1084391 said


    I want to use the tote as a night bag and day bag if needed and my purse just to carry around my glasses, cameras wallet.

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