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11 -30 July 2011 (European Experience)

12 Jan 2011 jess_is_contiki-ing said

Hi to all the other lucky people doing this trip. Just wondering if anyone else is doing the trip on this date? Hopefully everyone is cashing up cause I'm looking forward to seeing the sites, a little(?) shopping and some great nights out! Only a few months now... Oh yeah!!! And to everyone doing this trip on another date - I hope you have an absolute blast! <BR><BR>I also have a few days free after this tour - but have no idea what I'm doing yet, but I guess the possibilities are endless!
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  • 7 Feb 2011 Jenny26 said


    Hi Jess and everybody else on the tour,

    Sorry for all the confusion.

    The tour I signed up for is 22 days due to it departing from the USA. That is how is listed on the site European experience. However you would not count two of those days because both those days are just on the plane all day due to the transfers and the time it takes me to get there and come back home. Also, for the US travelers you have the option to either pick a flight that pretty much takes 2 days depending on departure time or a really early flight that will get you to London in 1 day which is what I chose. We just get one day earlier to London to have one whole day to explore by ourselves since the tour dates when we actually meet up with the crew and everybody else is on July 11th.

    Also, now I know why the Chusas number is different even though we are on the same tour, depending on your departure point the tour cost actually varies because from certain countries you arrive on the 11th and since I arrive on the 10th I pay for the hotel stay.

    I did some investigating on the brochure to make sure everything was correct and it does actually specify US departures differently than other departures:

    Depart USA Tour Starts Tour Finishes
    July 9th-10th July 11th July 30th

    Days 1-2: Depart USA/Arrive London
    Check-in to the Royal National Hotel, then free time to explore London. Hotel
    Day 3: London to Paris Meet up with your Contiki Team. Ferry across the English Channel to France.

    So guys definitely on the same tour that you are, so excited. If anybody arrives earlier than the tour date let me know, because I made my flight really early so that with my sister we arrive at London at 7:00 am so we can have one whole day going to museums and historical sites and at least party one night there. I still can’t believe I will be going to Europe this year.

  • 7 Feb 2011 jess_is_contiki-ing said


    Awesome that you checked all that out Jenny and so glad you actually are on OUR tour!! Its nice to know none of us are getting things wrong. I arrive on the 10th I think the day before we start the tour and also staying at the Royal National… I need to figure out how to get a phone number for europe and that way we might be able to see the sites together! I dont think I could be anymore excited. And I have two days after our tour ends, do you have any time before flying back? It would be good to check it out! I just wonder what jet lag will do to me – haven’t had that experience before. Can’t wait to meet you and your sister in person! x

  • 7 Feb 2011 Fairyfloss said


    I think if you look on the Contiki perks page, they have a deal for an international sim card that gives you a UK number :) I plan on staying at the Royal National too, i think i arrive around the 6th of July though.

  • 7 Feb 2011 jess_is_contiki-ing said


    Yeah I saw that sim card! Gotta read up on it a bit more… But I like the idea of free calls from certain countries! :) I may arrive on the 9th, I’m so hopeless at all this travel stuff! But I will definately be there! You have a good amount of time to settle in though.

  • 7 Feb 2011 Jenny26 said


    Hi Jess,

    Unfortunately no extra time after the trip. I have to go directly back to work. Starting that Monday. For Europe either the sim card is a good idea or you can check out this website. . They sell a cellphone that works for all the countries we are going to and the rates are not as high.

    Sarah since you are going to be there as well early. Let me know what you have planned on July 10th, maybe we can all meet and maybe plan something out for the whole day.

    My cousin goes to Europe every year and recommended to buy the books lonely planet for each country we visit it pretty much gives you all the things you would want to check out in the country and transportation.

  • 18 Feb 2011 DanM said


    hey im going july 11. just paid deposit its going to be awesome!

  • 22 Feb 2011 Jenny26 said


    Hi kiwiDan,

    glad you will be joining the tour. It’s definitely going to be awesome!!!!!!!

  • 22 Feb 2011 Fairyfloss said


    July 10th will most likely be very free for me, so it would be awesome to get together and see some of the sights before the tour starts :D

  • 22 Feb 2011 jess_is_contiki-ing said


    Hey Kiwi Dan! Good to see another person on board! I’m so ready… can someone make time go that little bit faster?? :)

  • 23 Feb 2011 DanM said


    ohhh i want it to happen today. im living in christchurch, nz and im sure you all know about 24hrs ago we had a earthquake so very keen to get out of here!

  • 23 Feb 2011 Trace said


    Hi all,

    I am also on this trip, along with my bf of 4 years Nick. We will be 26 and 27 at the time of the trip… We’re looking forward to meeting new ppl, seeing the sites and partying it up. I’ve been wanting to go on a Europe Contiki and saving up for it for like 4 years now, So I agree please make time go faster. Cant wait.

    Wow Kiwi Dan, glad to hear you are ok. We have had non stop news coverage here in Aus and it just looks terrible. Hope the ppl of Christchurch can recover yet again.

    So what are you guys most looking forward to seeing and doing?

  • 23 Feb 2011 jess_is_contiki-ing said


    Glad to hear you are ok Dan! Hope you are also ok Mike and anyone else on our trip thats from N.Z. Its really really sad what happened! Thinking of everyone there or who has family there!

    Its not really that far away til we leave, it’ll fly by in no time! :)

    Trace, you and Nick look like a fun, happy couple! So glad to have a couple on board now too! I had friends who did contiki as a couple and they had a great time even with all the messy singles and plan on doing another one together! Its my first time to Europe also but I think Italy is going to be amazing as that is where my family is from and I have a friend in Munich to visit. But the places I’m most interested in visiting would have to be Paris and Amsterdam! I like the romance of Paris and I like the craziness/party atmosphere of Amsterdam!

    What about you guys?

  • 24 Feb 2011 Trace said


    Good to hear about your friends having so much fun as a couple. We like doing some stuff together when we travel but in other ways we are so opposite e.g. typical boy hates shopping lol and I could probably look at 20 temples/churches etc but he is done after 1… So i think this trip will be great coz we will have heaps of other ppl to hang out with that might want to do the stuff we each like.

    I don’t think I can choose what I’m most looking forward to seeing. I’m excited for the romance of Paris like you say, food in Italy and Amsterdam def sounds like fun. I think the Beerhalls in Germany are going to be good too. I hope we have some fun dress up themes as well. We both looooove fancy dress parties =P

  • 24 Feb 2011 BigMike said


    Yeah not too good with what went down in Christchurch. Im safe thanks Jess, live in Auckland. Welcome to the best trip ever everybody. Looking forward to geting amoungst it later this year!!

  • 1 Mar 2011 jade86 said


    Hi Guys, Ive just booked my trip today and im jumping on this tour! soo excited cant wait, guess now its time to save! Im 26 from Australia in Geelong which is close to Melbourne. Im doing the UK, Portugal and Spain (running of the bulls) and then arriving in London on the 10th, so happy to meet up with everyone that night for a quick look at London if anyone else is keen

  • 1 Mar 2011 DanM said


    hey thanks guys!!! so when are other people arriving in london before the trip?

  • 9 Mar 2011 Jenny26 said


    Hi Jade, glad you signed up for the tour. I will be with my sister in London on the 10th as well therefore we can definitely plan something nice for the night. Fairy floss who is also on the tour will be in London earlier so we can all meet up and plan our night plans over dinner.

    I have to start buying the books lonely planet for each country we are visiting since my cousin said that it gives you the best information for young people. Specially for food, clubs, museums and transportation with the prices to help you plan your budget a lot better.

    @KiwiDan on July 10 I arrive with my sister just one day before the tour begins, how about you?

    Also, I’m glad that everybody that had to go through that earthquake is good. Here in Florida we only get Hurricanes, but the season has not started yet.

    Also, a quick inquiry to all the trip mates. I have not decided yet about bringing a laptop or not, any suggestions or recommendations from experienced travelers. All comments are appreciated.



  • 10 Mar 2011 jess_is_contiki-ing said


    Hi guys, I will also be arriving in London on the 10th! So we will all have to meet up. I am staying in the contiki hotel the night before our tour starts – so maybe we could use that as a meeting point?

    Jade we dont live too far away from each other – I just turned 27 and I’m from Melbourne! Good to have someone close by coming along! :)

    I’m not doing overly well with the saving aspect just yet – but trying my hardest! I need to start a countdown I think!!

    Jen – have no idea about the laptop thing…. my brother purchased a loptop in europe and sent it home cause he was tired of carrying it around. I’m hoping my phone will serve the purpose of both phone and internet!

  • 12 Mar 2011 jade86 said


    Hey Jenny, Im sure there will be plenty of Internet cafes around to access computers i personaly wouldnt want the worry of taking my own.
    Hi Jess, i havnt booked my accom but was going to stay the night before at the Contiki hotel seems alot easier and then we can meet up with who eve else that evening i guess.

  • 12 Mar 2011 BigMike said


    Hey all, I think most people stay in the Royal National hotel the nigh before because we leave at like 7am!? We also meet up as a group the night before we leave aswell for a meet and great… and go for a drink afterwards!

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