Question about the London, Paris & Amsterdam tour

4 Jan 2009 Ganacampo said

Hi!<BR><BR>I'm interested in that tour and got some questions.<BR><BR>Since you take a train through Belgium I wonder if there is a possibility to make a stop there. Or do you have to arrive in Amsterdam at a certain time?<BR><BR>And does the TM give you information on what to do in Amsterdam since you are unguided there or do you have to get that information on your own?
  • 4 Jan 2009 Curtis71 said


    I did that tour in 2007.

    The train only stops in Belgium for 2-3 minutes. Not enough time to stop and look around.

    And yes, the TM goes to Amsterdam to give a bit of an orientation. But it’s really mostly unguided.

  • 5 Jan 2009 Ganacampo said


    Thanks for the answer.

  • 30 Jan 2009 Ganacampo said


    I also would like to know how much money you have to spend for food in those three cities, since there’re only few meals included on that tour.

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