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Turkish Visa

11 Apr 2007 bellyk said

Hey everyone,<BR>My Ultimate Euo trip is in August (12th - Sep 25th)and I've checked up on the whole visa sitation and the only one I'm going to need to get is one for Turkey.<BR>Here's my dilema:<BR>In the brochure contiki recommends you get any visa's before you go even if you can buy them at the border, but my travel agent said that I can just buy it when I get there (her version apparently comes from the contiki person she talked to).<BR>Anyways, thats it<BR>Any advice would be much appreciated <img src="" alt="Big Grin" width="15" height="15"><!--graemlin::D-->
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  • 11 Apr 2007 Tash08 said



    I’m going on the July 15th trip and I have to get a visa for turkey and Egypt too. My travel agent says it doesn’t take long (at least from where I live) to send out the application and receive your visa as they will probably courier it. She suggested I get them before I leave. I think I’d rather have it all sorted out before the tour starts becuase you don’t want any kind of delays during it. I think it said on the website that it could slow down your group if you have to wait at your destination. Why leave things to chance? Anyhoo, thats my reason but I’m also travelling solo and I’ve never done this before so paranoia could be talking for me.

    Good luck,


  • 11 Apr 2007 bellyk said


    Thanks Tash!
    Think I might do it now, just for my own piece of mind! Where did you get the application from?


  • 11 Apr 2007 aztecrose84 said


    hey tash i’m gonna be traveling with you on the 15th of july
    anyway if u wanna chat my email is
    thanks kathleen

  • 11 Apr 2007 bellyk said


    I found the form! For anyone else that is looking for it and your from Australia, you can find it here:…N%20FOR%20TURKEY.doc

    I guess I just fill it out and send it off, but I’m going to write an email to them just to make sure.

    Here’s the contact details for the Embassy in Canberra if anyone’s interested:

    then just click on the ‘contacts’ button

  • 28 May 2007 mizz_taynah said


    hey fanx for dat.. im goin on the UE tour as well… id rather get everything done here first so to make sure that i dont worry wen i get there.. id like to worry bout where i pass out wen drunk den worry bout a piece of paper.. but fanx for dat… for nz people. for this tour do we only need one visa for turkey and dats it….

    get bak if you know or add me

  • 12 Aug 2007 southernhighlander said


    yeah i am doing the tour next year in july the only visa so far that i need is the switzerland one.just waiting for replies on the other ones.

  • 26 Feb 2008 KiWiAnA said


    Hi girlies and boylies,

    Yep you’re right Kelly 23 NZer’s don’t need a visa for Turkey only Egypt if you are doing that option.


  • 22 Mar 2008 Arjuna said


    Just looked on contikipedia and it says that aussies can get the required visa for Turkey at the border, i figure if it’s ok with contiki it’s ok with me.

  • 2 Apr 2008 cade-syd said


    yep my travel agent as well as contikipedia reckon to just get them at the borders so that is what i am going to do

  • 19 Jul 2008 Chris1982 said


    Hey there, I just got back from a UE… Turkey.. hmm 15 euros to buy it at the border for Aussies. Kiwi’s are free! 50 euros for Canadians.

    I got mine when we arrived at the boarder, no worries it was super easy! I wouldn’t worry about it.

  • 26 Jul 2008 GoodTimes said


    50 euros for Canadians?! Damn, why do we Canadians get the shaft? Hah, oh well. How was your trip Chris?

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