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20 Jun 2008 NicSta said

Hey guys,<BR> I was just wondering if someone could please explain what exactly a convertor actually is and when I actually need to use one I understand bout the adapters as plugs are different and such but yeah I’m very confused….lol I know its stupid question and I’m sorry for posting this…I have been reading through the other post but I just don’t get it haha if anyone can help that would be good cause I just have no idea.<BR>Thanks for you time =-)
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  • 20 Jun 2008 CatherineOz said


    If you’re from Australia you don’t need to use a converter if you bought the product in australia. the reason some people need converters is because of the different voltage in the power points.

  • 20 Jun 2008 Sarah Smiles said


    Voltages around the world range from 110v to 240v. The USA and Canada (and prob some other places) run on 110v. Most of Europe runs on 220v. If I were to plug in my 110v appliance with an adaptor only, into my 220v outlet here in Germany, it would blow up because the voltage is double what the appliance was designed to handle! A convertor converts the voltage from a higher voltage, like 220v, to a lower voltage, like 110v, so that nothing blows up Wink<!--graemlin:;)-->

    If your appliances are already 220v (or even 240v is close enough) then you don’t need the convertor, only the adaptor since the plug shapes are different. Most appliances will list the voltage on or near the plug, or on the appliance itself, with a sticker or imprinted into the plastic.


  • 22 Jun 2008 chantelle said


    i asked the guys at dick smiths or tandy wherever i was and he said i will be fine with all of my electronics in all countries im going to besides France where i might have to be carefull in different parts (im doing the panarama)

  • 23 Jun 2008 NicSta said


    hey guyz!!! thankyou so much for the replys!! very helpful…I am from australia and I have looked at my appliances such as my hair straightner and such and it tell me 240v so sigh of relief for me one less thing I have to worry about I was so unsure. I’m going on the European experience September 22nd to Oct 11th so I’m currently tryin to get as much information as possible so I’m all prepared.
    Thanks again for all your help Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

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