anyone planning 2007 euro exp. yet?

2 Jul 2006 Rocket_08 asked

hey, is anyone planning on doing euro experience in 2007. i know its a whole year away but there is no harm in planning early! i am considering doing one in june/july and would like to talk to anyone else who is thinking of doing it at the same time. at this point in time i am planning on doing it solo, unless i can convince a few mates to do it with me but i havnt had much luck yet!<BR><BR>cheers,<BR>robbie
  • 15 Jul 2005 Bryan Haley said


    I am thinking of either doing this one or the European Whirl mid May.  I am graduating from college May 12 and am doing a trip before I start to work a real job.

  • 4 Sep 2006 Kylie111 said


    Hi Guys!!
    I am trying to plan my trip for Jul/Aug 2007, would love to get in touch if your going then!

  • 20 Sep 2006 megggles11 said


    Hey I am thinking of going the 7th of April!!! SO EXCITED!!!

  • 21 Sep 2006 leo_the_lion said


    Hey guys

    I’m looking at doing the whole euro trip in Aug/Sep in 2007.

    12 months to go..

    i’m already getting pumped!

  • 22 Sep 2006 tuxen said


    Hello, i just joined up.

    I am planning to do this tour sometime around mid next year, how do we find out what dates are available?

  • 26 Sep 2006 onica said


    hey guys, im planning on doing the 14 days europe tour in may or june, has anyone been before.

  • 2 Oct 2006 megggles11 said


    hey ,
    I got the new brochure delivered last night….
    I think I am going to try and book the tour that leaves on the 7th of April but am worried that it is not ticked with a guaranteed departure tick!! Does that mean you take a risk if you book flights etc banking on this tour to depart and it maybe doesn’t end up going?

  • 11 Oct 2006 blue_surrender_2004 said


    I was wondering about that meggles11…thinking of the same date myself!

  • 12 Oct 2006 megggles11 said


    I think they have to get a certain number of people doing it – from the sounds of it its a pretty popular date! so fingers crossed!
    if you want to chat mroe about it my email is =)

  • 13 Oct 2006 leo_the_lion said


    Hey meggles11,

    Which brochure did you get? i’ve been to a few travel agents and got the 06-07 Contiki brochure but got told the dates were only for 2006 for the European Experience. The dates for 2007 were the winter contiki’s. All a bit confusing Confused<!--graemlin::confused:-->

    They did tell me however they have a contiki launch in the next two weeks with all new dates.

    I just wanna get the dates and book!

  • 19 Oct 2006 Bryan Haley said


    What are the dates from the 13th of May to the 20th of May?

    204 days until I leave Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

  • 23 Oct 2006 Daplicit said


    I am planning to go May 2007

  • 23 Oct 2006 Daplicit said


    Anyone going on the one near the end of may? Or early June?

  • 24 Oct 2006 meg0402 said


    hey, im planing a trip for the end of june, was thinking about the 28th? if anyone is going round this date let me know. so excited!!

  • 28 Oct 2006 space_monkey said


    hi im planing to go on the the 25 or 28 of may, most likely the later but it depends on a few things. but will defently be going on this trip

  • 29 Oct 2006 Kalamah said


    Hey! Talk about exciting stuff. Planning on going next year with or without companions. Looking to meet new people going to!

  • 31 Oct 2006 M1cHe|e said


    Anyone doing the tour on September 10th 2007?

  • 16 Nov 2006 leo_the_lion said


    Hey Michele

    I really want to do the 10th Sep 07 trip. but looks like the 3rd Sep trip for me.

    I’ll be spending 3 weeks in Europe at the end of my Contiki but. Hopefully see Barcelona, Prague and spend a bit of time at Oktoberfest!

  • 20 Nov 2006 Valentina11 said


    Hey Rocket,
    I just booked my European Experience tour. Leaving on 10 September. It is a guaranteed departure date as well.
    Let us know what you are planning to do.

    I cant wait.

    Val Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

  • 20 Nov 2006 Ranga said


    Hey how are ya?

    I am going on the Euro Experience tour leaving 31st Mar 2007. Would be great to see u there.

    Cheers Sean



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