what to pack (clothes)

27 Jul 2007 hella said

im doing the European Inspirations tour in dec this year and having a bit of trouble with packing. (yeah i know its still 4 months away...)
anyway, im a bit of a fashion guru and tend to pack a lot when travelling (espesh in winter!!)
so im just gonna write a rough idea of a list, and pleaaaase give me advice to what i should and shouldnt take!!! (clothes wise)

2/3 x jeans
3x leggings
2 x hoodies
4x long sleeve lycrs/knit tops (for under hoodies)
2 x skivvys
2 or 1? x big winter jacket
1 x chuck taylors (for walking)
2 x boots (ankle and high - walking and going out)
1 x heels
1 x long jumper dress - for day or going out
1 x skirt (with stockings or leggings of course) for going out

thats only my rough list, i can gaurentee there will be more added haha.

also, when going out in the winter what would you suggest ppl wear??
long sleeve topss? singlets with a cardy on top??

thaaanks Smiler



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