28 Nov 09 - 05 Dec 09 Egypt & the Nile

7 Jul 2009 jamielee said

Just booked this tour, travelling to Europe and really wanted to do this tour also, flying solo and arriving in Cairo 2 days before tour leaves. Would really like to meet / chat to anyone doing this tour before I go!!
  • 12 Jul 2009 BrendaC said


    Hubby and I are booked as well. We’re both 31, flying in from Chicago on 11/26. Thought we’d take a day to see Alexandria before the tour begins. We can’t wait!

  • 12 Jul 2009 jamielee said


    Hi Brenda,
    WoW Chicago, I love the states, have not made it to Chicago yet though.

    Im so excited, Im 24 from Gold Coast Australia. I am going to do a day trip of Alexandria the day before, I think Ill book it right before I leave.

  • 15 Jul 2009 DavidF said


    Hoping to have my trip all booked up by this weekend. Flying in from Louisiana and thinking about either going early or staying late. Have either of you traveled with Contiki before? This will be my second trip with them, and I have taken another trip to visit contiki friends in Australia and New Zealand. Should be a great time.

  • 16 Jul 2009 jamielee said


    Hi David,

    First trip with Contiki, will be doing a second one a few weeks after this one through Europe with a friend, will be going on my own for this one, getting to Cairo 2 days before planning on a day trip to Alexandria the day before contiki starts as I fly to Holland the day the trip ends…. SO excited! Smiler<!--graemlin::)--> are you travelling alone?

  • 18 Jul 2009 emmyo said


    I am from sydney australia but i am living in the UK and have booked to go on this tour. I arrive at 11:30pm the day before the tour. I will be travelling alone and this will be my second time travelling with contiki.

  • 18 Jul 2009 DavidF said


    What day is everyone going to Alexandria? Looks like an interesting day trip. I will be booking by Monday so my details should be clearing up. Anyone use facebook? Feel free to look me up

  • 22 Jul 2009 jamielee said


    Hi David,

    I am going on the Alexandria day trip 1 day before the tour starts, cant wait.

    My email to find me on facebook

  • 27 Jul 2009 BrendaC said


    Good news! We have “Definite departure” status – an agent confirmed today! Hope to see more people on this forum before we fly. Can’t wait. November will be here before we know it!

  • 27 Jul 2009 BrendaC said


    Jamie Lee, did you book your Alexandria trip already? I am emailing a company called Egypt Excursions to set up a day trip on Friday, 11/27. I will post details, pricing, etc., when I hear back in case you or David or anyone else wants to join us. The more, the merrier!

  • 27 Jul 2009 jamielee said


    HI Brenda, I have not booked Alexandria yet, if you could send me the info that would be great! The countdown has begun!!

  • 27 Jul 2009 DavidF said


    What is everyone planning for 11/28 ? It looks like it will be a free day until that evening.

  • 27 Jul 2009 emily_australia_86 said



    I am also booked for this trip. I am from Perth, Australia and this is my first overseas trip. I am going solo and arriving a day early! Slightly scary but very exciting.

    We are going to see pyramids… WOOT


  • 30 Jul 2009 jamielee said


    Hi Emily,

    Another Aussie girl travelling alone!!! ME TOO!!!

    I cannot wait to see the pyramids!!!

    Are you on facebook?

  • 4 Aug 2009 DavidF said


    This forum has gotten quiet. I hope everyone is getting as excited as I am about this trip. There are some great videos on youtube from previous tours if you are wondering what to expect.

  • 15 Aug 2009 ols83 said


    Im flying from sydney to uk spending 3 weeks there then flying to cairo for the tour cant wait.

  • 26 Aug 2009 runner85 said


    Just booked too! Anyone ever flown Egypt Air? They have a direct from JFK. Anyone else run? Sorta thinking a desert jog could be fun…

  • 31 Aug 2009 DavidF said


    Got everything finalized today. There will be two of us coming on the trip, arriving in Cario on the 27th and staying around a couple days after the tour. Anyone else staying around after the tour to explore more?

  • 24 Sep 2009 jamielee said


    Has anyone booked a day trip to Alexandria the day before am booking mine soon??

  • 28 Sep 2009 JasminP said


    my friend and i joining this tour. we both are 31 from new jersey and arriving to cairo on the 27th from jfk.. this is both of ours first contiki tour! we heard soo many good things about contiki and the egypt tour so it should be a blast! look forward to meeting you all..

  • 3 Oct 2009 neilguha said


    I just booked mine for this trip too. 31 male, traveling solo; from Vancouver.

    Question – Is anyone else going to Alexandria for a day trip before the tour starts? I’m thinking of reaching Cairo on 26th Nov evening and then going to Alexandria on the 27th.



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