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Digital Cameras

20 Jul 2007 Louise said

Can anyone please tell me how many photos they were taking each day so I can buy memory cards for my camera<BR>Louise
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  • 20 Jul 2007 Jeremy said


    It really depends on how you are as a photographer. If you are trigger happy you will need more than someone who only takes only a few. You also need to know the file size per picture your camera makes. I have an 8MP camera that takes about 2 meg pictures on regular settings and I have enough memory for 100 pictures a day, plus i’ll be taking a regular camera with 4 rolls incase something happens to my digital and a underwater camera [I live in the US, going to Europe though].

    With that being said, I have 5 gb for 23 days. (Two 2gb and One 1gb). Its better to have more than not enough

  • 20 Jul 2007 BigMal said


    It really depends on how many photos you have taken. Look at previous trips. Have you taken a lot? Last trip i only took 400 in two weeks which was pretty low for me considering ive taken that many in 90 mins before.

    This trip i intend on taking a lot of photos and im taking quite a bit of memory. 20gig hard drive space on an old ipod for back up plus 8gig in cards.

  • 20 Jul 2007 *Mellissa* said


    on my tour i took over 1000 pic’s… but when you look at them later you woudl obvisly delete some of them…. i bought what ever is the biggest memeory you get.
    just remember if you ahve alot of memory that ti may take a minute or so when turning on
    your camera to wait until its ready for action.
    **also rememebr to charge it everynight you may miss out on something beacuse you have a flat battery.

  • 23 Jul 2007 Monique said


    My husband and I take a lot of photos when we go on vacation b/c we like to print a lot of scenary photos for our house. To avoid buying another memory card or losing space we usually travel w/ our laptop and just upload the photos every other night or so.

    This might be the easiest and cheapest way if you also have a laptop. Hope this helps!


    California highlights 8/29/07-9/3/07

  • 1 Aug 2007 Davo said


    on my wild western tour a lot of ppl went to either walmart or wal greens to get the photos burnt to dvd, this did not cost much to do (i think about $10) most of the time these shops are located only a few meters away so u can drop your cards off in the arvo and then pick them up in the morn before you leave that town (they are open 24/7)

  • 2 Aug 2007 Jeremy said


    I agree with Davo, you could go get your pictures burnt to CD at walmart or wal greens. Not that I would recommend stepping foot into a walmart on vacation, or ever for that matter. (Can you tell im not a fan of the store? haha) Depending on how many you have the prices arent bad. It’s not 100% necessary though. Just make sure to ask when it will be done, last thing you would want is them to have a delay for one reason or another and then not get them put on a CD in time.

  • 10 Aug 2007 Nina said



    I was in the USA for 5 weeks on 2 different tours. I am a trigger happy snapper. I took about 800 pics and that was more than enough.

    I think it depends on each person though.

    Some of the ppl on my tour used internet facilities to download some of their pics.

    Hope this helps.


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