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Apr 26 - May 7

19 Dec 2007 takemetoeasterneurope said

Hi!<BR><BR>I have booked and paid for this tour....<BR><BR>Anyone else coming?
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  • 3 Feb 2008 Steve said


    Yeah, the intro thing is a great idea! I’m Steve, and I’m a 35-year old male from the Los Angeles area. This will be my third Contiki tour (I went on European Discovery in 2006 and the Spanish Spree last year)…had a great time on both! People kept telling me great things about the Berlin to Budapest Contiki tour, so the Eastern Road seemed like it would also be fun. It will be great to meet you all in the months ahead.

    BTW, the Eastern Road is a guaranteed departure for the dates we’ll all be going, so we don’t really have anything to worry about on that front. Also, for those wanting to save some euros on a taxi from the airport, it looks like Berlin’s public transportation system is pretty easy to use (and way cheaper). If you buy a traveler’s 3-day transportation pass, it apparently also has discounts for Berlin attractions and cafes.

  • 3 Feb 2008 travelingchick123456 said


    I did the Ultimate European. It was a great tour! Most of the close friends I made were also Aussies! It’s just hard to get over there to see them again! I am staying at the Comfort Inn in Berlin. I should warn you though its not like the Comfort Inns that we have here. It is not part of that chain it just happens to have the same name. This is what my travel agent told me anyways! I booked a flight from Berlin to Riga with Luftansa (sp?) It was $107 CAD ($36 for the flight and $71 for the taxes!) on May 11th. It’s a little more expensive but like Bud said…I wasn’t a fan of the little tiny planes, at least this airline has a rep to hold up haha…I hope.

  • 3 Feb 2008 Marlo said


    Hi Steve, it’s nice to meet you a little more officially being as we’ve already exchanged a few mails. Smiler<!--graemlin::)--> I’m going to check into taking the train as well. I’ve read the taxi is 20 Euros…not the end of the world, but why pay that much when we don’t have to? Thanks for the tip. Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

    Brodie, how many days early are you arriving into Berlin? I’ll (obviously) be there the evening of the 25 as well…we should all get together after our tour meeting that evening.

    Your comment about the Comfort Inn in Berlin not being like the ones we have here made me smile…there are not ANY hotels in Europe that compare with North American hotels. OMGoodness, in Italy, I didn’t even have a shower curtain (or door) so every day there was heaps of water all over the floor. I would come back to my room expecting the chamber maid to have put one up to avoid the same scenario the next day…but no…every day she would come and mop the bathroom, never putting up a curtain. In Amsterdam, I had a room full of beds. I had five beds in my room…I single supplimented btw. It was crazy! I could’nt even get my luggage in my room. Then, on top of having the crazy bed-room, my first day checked in, my room got broken in to while I was out and our bus driver had to go in and re-pack all my personal things to move me to another room because there was glass all over my bed where they broke the window. It was a quick way to get to know the bus driver…and the jokes continued for the duration of the trip. LOL I’ve had some ‘great’ rooms and find them to be as much of an experience as the tour itself.

  • 5 Feb 2008 travelingchick123456 said


    Thanks for the heads up Marlo but after spending 48 days on a budget tour I am well aware of the accomidations in europe! Wink<!--graemlin:;)--> Also the tour meeting isn’t until the 26th of April because anyone booking a flight through Contiki (who lives in Canada) is more then likely going on the same flight I am on.

    Steve: I have just recieved my flight information from Contiki and I am leaving Canada on the 25th on an overnight flight. So looks like I won’t be there till the morning of the 26th! Sorry I thought I’d be there early.

  • 6 Feb 2008 Marlo said


    Yes Brodie, I figured you would be familiar with European hotels just as I am. That’s why I was a little confused when you passed along the comment from your travel agent. Oh well, the hotels have character…what else can anyone say? Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

  • 6 Feb 2008 juana1010 said


    Hi my name is Joana (from NYC) and I just booked this tour today. I am so excited! This will be my third Contiki trip.

    I will be flying in on the 26th and will also be looking into taking the public transportation. I believe it is only 2 euros, compared to 20. Good to know we are staying at the Comfort Inn. Now I can start planning how to get around.

  • 7 Feb 2008 takemetoeasterneurope said


    Hello Jo

    Is this a post-superbowl present? :P

  • 10 Feb 2008 Marlo said


    Hello Joana. I’m Marlo. It’s nice to meet you. Smiler<!--graemlin::)--> You said this will be your third Contiki trip? What others have you done?

  • 8 Mar 2008 juana1010 said


    Sorry for the delay in responding…a little busy. The other two tours I did were European Discovery and California Highlights. Did California Highlights this past fall, and European Discovery a few years ago.

  • 26 Mar 2008 takemetoeasterneurope said


    One month to go…………………………..

  • 27 Mar 2008 Explorer1093886 said


    I recently signed up for this trip with another friend…. can’t wait to meet u all… we will be arriving in Berlin on April 23rd. I know the trip doesnt officialy begin until the 26th, but if anyone will be there early we should def meet up!! We are planning on spending the day in Brand (about 45 min from Berlin) at this place… (an indoor beach, spa, resort… etc… anyone interested??)

    so excited for the trip..


  • 6 Apr 2008 takemetoeasterneurope said


    20 days to go………………………

  • 12 Apr 2008 Steve said


    In case any other early arrivers are interested in joining up, a couple of us will be meeting up in the lobby of the Contiki hotel (the Comfort Hotel Weissensee) at noonish on Friday, April 25th for some sightseeing. You can post or e-mail if you want to come along!

    Also, if anyone is planning on using public transportation to get to the hotel (as opposed to a taxi), the Pankow U- and S- Bahn stop is the closest to the Weissensee. If you manage to get over to the Pankow stop from the airport on the S and/or U-bahn, you will need Bus #155 (going towards Piesporter Str.), and exit at the Rennbahn Str./Gustav-Adolf Str. stop. It’s about a twelve minute bus ride from Pankow, and it looks like there are six (6) stops on the bus route before the Rennbahn Str./Gustav-Adolf Str. stop (the stop right before Rennbahn/Gustav-Adolf is “Str. 16”). The Weissensee is a short walk away from the Rennbahn Str./Gustav-Adolf Str. stop.

    Less than two weeks away!


  • 17 Apr 2008 Explorer1093886 said


    Hey Steve,
    I will also be staying at the Contiki hotel on the 24th and 25th… would love to meet up with some people in the group before the trip officially starts…. see you there on the 25th at noon…

  • 20 Apr 2008 Explorer1097310 said


    Hey everyone,
    I’m going on this tour as well. Colleen, 24, from Canada. I’m wondering if anyone knows what time we can check into the hotel in Berlin on the 1st day. I’ll be landing at 8:05am so I’m hoping I can get in to drop my things off to do some exploring. Anyone else doing anything during the day before we meet at 6?

  • 21 Apr 2008 takemetoeasterneurope said


    The countdown is almost over for me… getting on my european plane tomorrow…

    I’ll be flying in just before the 6pm meeting on Saturday..See you all then!


  • 21 Apr 2008 Marlo said


    Yeahhh! I leave tommorrow as well. Am flying to Berlin straightaway to check things out for a few days before tour.

    Steve, no matter what, I will leave you a note at the hotel lobby in regards to lunch on Friday. It’s been raining in Berlin lately so my thoughts were to just wait and see how I go once I get there in the event I don’t get to do the sightseeing things (due to bad weather) I want before Friday. Bike tours in the rain are not always the best way to go. Wink<!--graemlin:;)-->

    Lindsay, I’m Marlo. Nice to meet you! Yes, the more the merrier for lunch. We were also looking into doing a pub crawl on that Friday night as well. It’s a walking tour of about 5 local pubs for something like 10 Euro. It starts at 8:15 I believe in the event you’re interested.

    Hi Colleen from Canada. I’m coming from Calgary. Where are you coming from?

    Our tour is sold out so it should be heaps of fun! See everyone there!

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