Continuing on after contiki

14 Sep 2010 paigeee said

Hey guys, I'm traveling solo on the european inspiration tour starting dec 15th. We get back to london on jan 2nd. As I have the rest of Jan todo as I want (although there is a budget of around 3k post trip) I just wanted to get some opinions of what people have done before or are going to do after their tours!<BR><BR>I've heard that some people get along really well and continue traveling around Europe or the like together. So hopefully I can kick on traveling with others! I don't think I want to stay in London for another 3 weeks especially by my self and the crap weather! <BR><BR>What are others planning to do? Keep in mind I am by my self! I'd love to hit up Asia afterwards but I don't feel like going by my self! <BR><BR>Any suggestions are welcome!!!



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