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Hey to the people who have just come back from Italy!!

18 Jul 2007 said

Just saying Hi to the people who have just come back from Italy?I'm not sure when you were coming back I knowi t was around this date,but oh well im sure you'll see this when you come back!<BR><BR>I just wanted to ask some questions!!How was it?Was it tiring?And did you meet someone special?I want to meet a nice guy on the trip lol.Were there many guys on the trip and were they good looking??Were most of them single?I hope so...I'm so excited about going I cannot wait to see all the sight scenes but yet I hope I meet someone too!I mean did anyone in the group hook up lol,like was there any attraction with anyone..Sorry im just seeing if the group gets close in any way at all because i want to know what to expect i want to know that ill be comfortable and i want to know if my expectations are too high like all i know the group wont get everyone too busy seeing sights?i mean i dont know if i should bother looking for someone if everyone is just too busy and that...i guess i wont know until i meet my group hey!!<BR>oh and how was the nightclub??did many people drink?oh and i want to be able to by a phone card to call family in Australia,does anyone know how much it costs?<BR><BR>ok well sorry for the questions hehe im just nervous and really excited at the same tim and want to know what its all like!! thankyou for reading!hope someone replies!
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  • 18 Jul 2007 Loogie said


    Hey Emma,
    I’m NOT going on your trip but i’ve travelled with Contiki and would like to offer some advice:
    If you plan on taking a credit card to Europe, you may want to call your credit card company to let them know you’ll be travelling so they don’t think the card has been stolen and cut you off.

    Another thing I recommend is carrying your cash in a money belt, I find it safer.

    When you pack, throw some clothing into your carry-on to ligten the weight of the suitcase and in case your luggage gets lost. Leave room for souveneirs & carry with you an extra copy of your pasport and hotel address list.

    In terms of weight of luggage, it’s the airlines that are more strict than Contiki. Each airline has their own weight threshold & will only be too glad to charge you extra for going over. You can find out the limit/rules by going on the airline’s website.

    Feel free to ask me anything else.

    Brian (from New York)

    Southern Ireland ‘97
    Grand Explorer ‘00
    Rainbow Nation ‘01 (no longer offered by Contiki)
    Beaches & Reefs ‘02-’03

  • 21 Jul 2007 said


    Thanks for that ^^

    Hopefully someone who has just come back, replies!!

  • 25 Jul 2007 coleo8 said


    hi emmax-
    i went on the simply italy tour last september and had an AMAZING time.
    i think each tour will be different, but mine had only 28 people and only 7 of them were guys. of the 7, 3 were single- the other 4 were there with their girlfriend/wife.

    if you are strictly going to italy to hook up, maybe you should go on a singles cruise or something…because italy is amazing and there are lots of things to see and do. i’ve heard of people on other tours hooking up with one another, that didn’t happen on my tour. try not to ONLY think about finding love on this tour, because then it won’t happen.

    yes, the italians are hot and very enjoyable to look at!

    the club in florence was ok. i was super excited about going to an italian club, but generally it was just a bunch of tourists. it was fun though dancing and drinking with your tour mates.

    pretty much we went out almost every night to a bar or walking the streets. yes, the tour can be exhausting because you are on the go so much….you are getting up early and going ot bed late and walking all day long. but, when travlling to each city, you sort of catch up on sleep. i definitely reccommend going out every night, even if you are tired. you will have fun with your tour mates and you will ge to see a lot.

    i started to get sick at the end of the tomorrow…and i really wanted to go to bed and stay in…but we were in rome…when is the next time you are going to be in italy? so i went out…and it was actually one of my favorite nights.

    everyone in our group got along with one another…remember, it’s just under 2 weeks…so that’s enough time to get to know everyone and right when you start to get to know everyone’s annoying habits…the tour is over. everyone had fun on the bus. yes, people split off in their own groups…but we all got along and had good times together.

    have fun when you go…remember it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity…so live it up…enjoy the country….don’t seek out a man or romance…if it happens great…if not…who cares- you’re in ITALY!

    sacramento, ca USA

  • 25 Jul 2007 Gina said



    This will be my second Contiki Tour. I did the Spanish spree last summer and had the time of my life. Like Nicolew mentionned in her response, your only In Italy once. If you do get tired, have an expresso…that wil definitely wake you up!!!

  • 27 Jul 2007 said


    did anyone hook up??i so hope i meet dsomeone,only 9 guys that would suck lol,were any of them hot??,i hope no one cheated lol,my friend is so worried about her boyfriend cheating on her coz he is going to a different contiki tour with mates!!

  • 28 Jul 2007 Kat said


    hey i went in may this year.

    First of all dont go with expectations – lose them!

    Just go and remember this is YOUR trip do wats gonna make you happy!

    on my tour it was a lot of couples – some married, some long-term partners. 4 single guys the rest single chicks, or chicks who left their boyfriend at home.

    there were definately groups on my tour – very distinct groups. i got along with most people, and some people just didnt want to get to know anyone!

    didnt go out every night but was always up late anyway. Slept on the bus it became routine – get up at like 6am on bu then sleep again! then get to destination so i would wake up again. you have a very long travel day from florence to ??? cant remember but its the whole day so while the scenery of tuscany is beautiful i slept through a lot of it! and that recharged me for the remainder of the trip.

    give you a tip – try to learnd the local language, it helps a little – but half the fun was the language barrier! just use prego! (pronounced like: prey-go) they use it all the time.

    florence night club – go on just do it! had a great night, even though my new top broke (1st time i wore it) and i exposed my bra to the club!! but i managed to save it!

    I did most of the optional dinners – they were good, you got like 4 courses and they were fun, definately recommend them!!

    i didnt have my money in a money belt and it was safe, just always have your wits about you, carry your bag at the front and try not to get bumped in the train! oh an in rome if you stay at Prime hotel roma cassia – you are looking at a bus trip (very short) then train trip, then onto another train just to get into rome, but do it once and its easy to figure out the next time (and i had never caught public transport before)

    my email is if you have any more questions


  • 5 Aug 2007 nicc3 said


    hey emmax
    i went on the simply italy tour in may of this year. and i’d have to completely agree with k’teish—lose ALL of your expectations.

    on a full tour of 50, i’d say about half were couples. the rest were girls either with friends or on their own. there was obviously no hookups—not to say none of the girls may not have found their own italian.

    my tour was a little bit of an exception to the “regular” contiki reputation of party party party. people did go out every night—but some people also opted to get sleep because the tour is faily jam packed.

    best of luck! nicole

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