Hotels or Camping?

3 Dec 2007 Dale_1986 asked

hey all.<BR><BR>im planning on doing a long tour in august or september '08. However, i cant decide whether to do a camping trip or hotel based tour. did people feel like they got more out of a particular type? any info will be great.<BR><BR>Cheers, Dale.
  • 3 Dec 2007 real_mccoy said


    I did camping, wouldnt do it any differently. Had an absolute blast…and had a bit of extra money. Tent setting up takes all of 5 mins and the food is better than on concept tours. Beds are comfy and the camping group is socially much closer than the hotel groups. Contiki uses reputable campsites, so the facilities are fairly good.

    In the end you only sleep in your tent nothing more. It really depends if it bothers you being outside. It rained 5 days on my tour and it wasnt really a problem.

    So I’d say camping all the way

  • 3 Dec 2007 Dale_1986 said


    i dont really care about where i sleep. i just wondered,based on peoples personal experience, whether tours formed better friends camping or hotel based.


  • 4 Dec 2007 real_mccoy said


    When I asked my TM on what was better, he said as far as groups go campers are much tighter but he prefers hotel tours so he doesn’t have to sleep under the bus. So if you dont care what you sleep on, then camper is the go!

  • 4 Dec 2007 Dale_1986 said


    thanks mate, your information has been a big help. cheers.

    p.s do you keep in contact with many of your tour mates?

  • 4 Dec 2007 real_mccoy said


    Yeh got a heap on msn, plus Facebook is the greatest invention to stay in contact with mates overseas and interstate.

  • 4 Dec 2007 real_mccoy said


    Matty you not a fan of sleeping in the cargo bays? Do you know Cameron Sumpter? He was my TM. In 06 was a rep in Antibbes this yr hes been touring.

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