Hotel and food accomodation for SUPERIOR package

28 Feb 2007 blueoceanp said


i have never taken a cruise before and the first time reading about contiki. i appreciate all your feedbacks/advices.

planning to take Mediterran 14 days (reverse) package with the choice for superior package.

-are all hotels far from central city for all countries in the package tour? Or only in specific cities/countries such as Rome?

Is it still true with hotels in Rome and Venice being 40 minutes away from the central city?

-how many stars are hotels on superior package? Is it still true Contiki with negative reputation for rowdy crowds and therefore can only contract with hotels with low rating/shabby or far from the central city?

I’ve traveled to Europe before and if the room is shabby, it can be very bad with small room, poor shower, bedbugs, poor linen.

-I don’t imagine contiki provide 3 meals a day. Do they? If not, which meal is optional so you can dine on your own?

The ones they do provide, is the food typically picnic/fast-food type/sandwich/chip/baguette or something more decent? Of the places/restaurants they bring you for dining, is it with quality?

I don’t expect 5-stars restaurant but do hope the restaurant and food to be authentic with quality representative of the city you’re visiting. I would be very upset if they bring the group to a sloppy pizza place with low quality and variety of pizza for lunch or dinner in Rome.

thank you so much!
debbie Smiler



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