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8 Oct 2007 scuba_Nikki said

Hi everyone,

I'm doing the Egypt & Nile tour in January. I have a few questions for those of you who have travelled to Egypt...

1).How much money should I bring? I know this is a fairly broad question and it depends on each traveller, but for a person who does a moderate amount of shopping and eating, how much would you reccommend? (in Egyptian pounds)

2). I've done Contiki before so I know that the optional excursions are paid in cash to the tour manager. Are the optionals for this tour paid in Egyptian pounds or USD? The reason I ask is because the prices on this website are quoted in USD so I'm a bit confused. I'm Canadian so I'd like to know ahead of time if I should be bringing American cash with me.

3). How much does stuff cost in Egypt (I know, another very broad question) but for example, how much does a bottle of water cost? Lunch?

4). Is there a computer with internet available at the hotel in Cairo? If so, how much does the internet cost?

5). I'm a female travelling alone. I've heard that it would be a good idea to bring a fake wedding ring. Did you find that this helped minimize harassment?

6). Do you feel that's it's safe for me to wander around Cairo a little bit the first day when I arrive, before our tour meeting?

Thanks everyone! I really appreciate your help. I like to budget and plan ahead so any advice you can give me would be great. Smiler

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