reefs and rainforests (reverse)

14 Feb 2009 pancakes said

a friend and i are planning on going on the reefs and rainforests (reverse) tour next january and i have a couple of questions that i want answered before i book which tour to take.

1. the reefs and rainforests (reverse) tour is 19 days. but, on the itinerary it says days 1 & 2 are to "fly over the international date line on your way to australia"... what exactly is the point of these 2 days? why are they part of the tour? am i guessing right when im thinking the tour is actually 17 days and not 19?

2. so after my first point, i am now leaning toward reefs and rainforests (reverse) with sailing whitsundays. worth it? really, whats the difference between option 1 and option 2, besides the sailing? nothing?

3. anyone been on this trip before? general reviews? reviews about the sailing? what are some of the "must do" optional activities? comments greatly appreciated!

  • 15 Feb 2009 alyssa! said


    #1- i believe they give you those extra 2 days to fly there, as it will take that long. so technically it is only 17 days, only you leave home so your gone for 19 days
    #2- the only difference is the sailing option, so you can go for the 2 day sail, or you can stay on the beach and relax and maybe take a day sail which goes to all the same places only you don’t spend the night on the boat. its up to you. those who go and dont go both have a blast, so its all about preferences.
    #3- i’d say do as many optionals as you can. it is a one in a lifetime opportunity and who knows the next time you’ll get to do those things in australia! and just have fun

  • 20 Feb 2009 pancakes said


    so would you guys recommend doing reefs and rainforests (reverse) with whitsundays option OR beaches and reefs with whitsundays option. is it worth taking the extra 2 days to cape trib or not? hmmm…



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