Getting from Ibiza to Athens for Greek Island Hopping

18 May 2009 Michael said

Hey,<BR><BR>I'm doing the Greek Island Hopping tour in July this year and me and my mate are going to be in Ibiza before hand.<BR><BR>We are having a bit of trouble getting from Ibiza to Athens in a decent amount of time.<BR><BR>Is there any easier way then travelling Ibiza to Madrid then Athens with Easy Jet?
  • 20 May 2009 AbeL said


    Hey Mike, the only thing I can recommend is flying from Ibiza to Athens via Madrid on Iberia. It would be much easier than doing Easy Jet since I don’t think they fly nonstop from city to city and you would have to check in for one flight, retrieve your bags, and then re-check in for the other flight which is a huge hassle. Also, if one flight is late, causing you to miss the other, they most likely won’t accomodate you and you would have to buy another ticket to get to Athens.

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