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Womens Shoes / Walking shoes

25 Mar 2010 Ruthie said

I was going to bring my joggers to Europe, but I dont feel comfortable wearing them with my everyday clothes and dont want to look like a total dag the whole time.<BR><BR>What sort of day shoes did you mostly wear in Europe? I'm going to be there in May and June. Does anyone have recommendations for trendy but comfortable day shoes?<BR><BR>Thanks.
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  • 26 Mar 2010 PinaI said


    I actually wear my sneakers all over the place, almost every travel photo of me is me with sneakers LOL!

    Being that you’re heading into summer though I would go for something comfy that allows your feet to breath. Do you like those Birkenstock things? A lot of people wear them and swear by them (although I don’t like them personally). Thongs are another options but, everyday, they can start to hurt your feet. Gladiator sandles maybe?

    If worse comes to worse, honestly, stick to sneakers!

  • 26 Mar 2010 Stacey88 said


    i was thinking about this too, and im going in the same months as you. i practically live in my thongs at home so ill prob wear them most of the time but i was also going to take a pair of converse shoes…ERSE%20shoes-076.jpg
    they arent as daggy as proper joggers but would still be comfy incase i get sore feet from wearing thongs.

  • 26 Mar 2010 Mel the aussie said

    Mel the aussie

    ive got some sneaker type sketchers for my trip in september.…int_-startling/bkpk they are super comfy lol there are also open type sketchers too that i really like but i seem to have too smaller feet for them lol they dont come in a 5 but check em out…_sightsee/blk//q/5

    its the american site… im not sure where your from but in australia you can get them at places like lorna jane and sports power and stuff

  • 26 Mar 2010 Anasatasia said



    Keep in mind that most of your walking in Europe will be on uneven surfaces – stairs, cobblestones etc. If you go to a place like Colorado or Snowgum etc, you can get great walking shoes that provide support, usually have a bit of flair and style to them and also provide great support. I bought some elastic topped ones last time I was in Europe and they were brilliant. It can get really humid in June in the Med and your feet will swell and the elastic on the top of the shoes meant that the circulation in my feet wasn’t cut off.

    Also, if you’re camping, take a pair of shower shoes anyway so that you can shower in them.

    Stacey Wink<!--graemlin:;)-->

  • 28 Mar 2010 IlovetroubleCAN said


    I was thinking about getting birkenstocks (going on Best of Europe tour in summer). Was wondering if they would be comfortable enough.

    Maybe a cute pair of diesel sneakers?

    I’d hate to wear Reeboks. Ugh!

  • 28 Mar 2010 Carly said


    I lived in my flip flops when I was in Europe for a month this past summer. I found sneakers to be way to hot on my feet!

  • 28 Mar 2010 Emma said


    i wore sneakers every day for 3 months traveling around europe. got sick of wearing them every day but i never got blisters or sore feet from the uneven ground. the only downside was the sock tan….

  • 3 Apr 2010 Sam & Bryce W.A. said


    I was wondering how many pairs of shoe’s do most people take? I was thinking about 4 pairs, 1 pair of heels for those nights out on the town? Do many people take heels?

  • 3 Apr 2010 Emma said


    i took 3 pairs – sneakers, thongs and going out shoes. i took flats but alot of girls on my tour took heels. as long as you’ve worn them in i guess you’ll be fine! just remember, cobbled streets + heels + alcohol = great skill!

  • 4 Apr 2010 Stacey said


    For anyone in North America, Wal-Mart and some other shoe stores carry “DR. Scholls” shoes. I bought a cute pair of sandals for a month long trip a few years ago, travelled in May. They were perfect, except a couple of chilly days in France where I had to put some socks on. I wore them everyday and it didn’t look funny if I went out for a nice dinner.

    I think the trick is to make sure the soles are nice and thick. That same trip I took with me a pair of “Earth” brand shoes, also from Wal-Mart. They seemed uber perfect and comfortable when I wore them here. But like Anastasia wrote, the uneven surfaces and cobble stoned streets are what causes the problems. I ended up mailing the “Earth” shoes back home because they were completely useless to me. Gave me blisters my very first day in Europe.

  • 22 Apr 2010 Explorer1128723 said


    Hey Girls,

    I am going on the european adventurer in August.

    Does everyone actually get dressed up when they go clubbing at night. Cause I have seen on the TV alot where they are partying on these tours and they just seem to be wearing thongs and shorts (what they were wearing in the day) is that the usual story or is there defiantly times where standard Aussie clubbing clothes are worn? (heels, going out dresses etc)??

  • 27 Apr 2010 MyShell said


    i’ve decided that instead of taking sneakers I will be taking a pair of Raben’s, (BIG W’s $6 version) there comfortable and look funky, and if i need room in my bag or they get damaged I can throw them out, without feeling guilty about paying for them…

  • 29 Jul 2010 leisioz said


    sneakers are the best. most girls on my tour regretted taking too many pairs of shoes. i took , sneakers, thongs and my boots for going out and i brought a nice pair of flat going out shoes on tour for cheap.

  • 1 Aug 2010 NaHdz said


    I also lived in my thongs (flip flops)! It was way to hot to be wearing sneakers! I also took a pair of heels for going out and a backup pair of thongs lol

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