Scandinavia Tour August 24, 2008

14 Feb 2008 acdngirleh said

I am doing the 10 day Scandi tour August 24. I will be doing the Russia + Baltics tour first starting August 11 which ends in Stockholm where I'll pick up the Scandi tour. Anyone else going?
  • 4 Jun 2008 Big_Ginga said



    names brad, yeah im looking at getting on this tour aswell. travelling alone and doing greek island hopping before hand.

  • 30 Jun 2008 Elke1 said


    I’m most proberly booking this tour later this week. (Was suppose to go on the Eastern road one but it was cancelled, so need to change flights etc etc…)

    Anyway, I’ll be coming on the Scandi tour and its going to be my first time in Europe and I’m travelling by myself. So really looking forward to it! Oh and my names Elke!

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