Wild Western 2014

11 Feb 2014 markus asked


Hey Guys, I'm Markus and I'm from Germany. Probably I am going to do the "Wild Western" trip in July and I'm really excited! But I'm worried about my age, cause i'm only 18 years old. Has somebody got experiences with that? Because I think I am not allowed to go clubbing or things like that.. Do you think it's a bad idea to do the trip with my age?

Thank you for answering !

  • 12 Feb 2014 Conitki4life said


    Hi Marcus. It really depends on what you are looking for in your trip. You will have a great time either way, however if you are wanting to go clubbing, unfortunately you will not be able to. In the states, the legal age is 21 to get into the bars/clubs. I went on the Wild Western a few years ago, and we all went to the clubs the majority of the time.
    Have you ever considered going on a Contiki trip to Canada? The legal age to go to clubs for the majority of Canadian provinces is 18. The only province which is not 18 is Ontario (main city is Toronto) and the age is 19. Canada is such a beautiful amazing country! You should look to see if any of the Canadian contiki trips interest you!

  • 12 Feb 2014 lauraarbon said


    I would wait until you’re 21 Marcus… I just got back from the Wild Western tour and every night there’s a drinking event…. there were only 2 people under the age of 21 out of a tour of 55 people.



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