Looking for a camper named Beau?!

19 Sep 2007 emma.a.go.go asked

I was in Munich on September 14 at the beer hall with my Contiki group (the 46 day tour) and met a lovely guy on a different Contiki tour (a 22 day one I think - Louise was the tour manager) that night named Beau. If anyone has an email address or phone number for him that would be willing to pass it on to me I'd be grateful, or if they could pass on my details that would be fantastic. <BR><BR>My name is Emma, my email is and my current phone number is +61439660561.<BR><BR>The beer made my memory a little hazy and we were in a rush to get moving the next morning so I didn't get to say goodbye. <img src="" alt="Frowner" width="15" height="15"><!--graemlin::(-->



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