Hotels in Ireland

24 Feb 2014 Birdie asked



I just wanted to know what hotels we stay in while in Ireland on the Ireland tour. I am one of those people who likes to know where I am going so I have time to figure out where there are good places to eat or to go shopping. I know where we stay in Dublin but I was wondering about Lomdonderry, Galway, Cork and Kilkenny.

Thanks in advance.

If anyone knows where would be a good place to eat on the days when dinner isn't provided that would be great too =)

  • 5 May 2014 patrick said


    Once you get closer to your trip you will receive your entire list of hotels you’ll be staying at

  • 8 May 2014 Explorer1149294 said


    I’d like to know what hotels are used before booking. Is there anyone whose done this tour in the past year have a list? Thanks!!



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